Product Of The Day: Gorilla Boogers

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Oct 312012

Stumped on what to give out for Halloween?

Gorilla Boogers

This is a little old but funny nonetheless.

Honestly, I’m not positive this really counts as candy, but it’s close and it’s weird. Gorilla no Hana Kuso (Gorilla Boogers) are evidently sweetened, shriveled, black beans that look a whole lot like raisins. They have been popular in Japan for a while, especially near zoos, and they have just recently made their way to the U.S. – they have been spotted in Manhattan recently.


Random Riddle: 10-31-2012

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Oct 312012

A Peacock

Hold your mouse over for the answer.

The strangest creature you’ll ever find: Two eyes in front and many many more behind.



Joke Of The Day: Witch Jokes

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Oct 312012

Rubber Chicken13 Witch Jokes (One for each member of the coven)

  1. One of the witch’s coven gave birth to twins. The problem arose when the other witches could not tell which witch was witch.
  2. Member Edna was a dog trainer by day, then by night she went from wags to witches.
  3. When the coven travelled to an out-of-town gathering, Martha could not make it, she was a poor traveller and phoned in broom sick.
  4. Celia tried to fly to the coven meeting, but her broomstick broke, no worries, she witch-hiked with Sheila.
  5. The other 12 witches asked Gladys why she put her broomstick in the washing machine. Gladys replied that she wanted a clean sweep.
  6. Ivana kept on climbing up walls so now the other members of the coven call her ‘Ivy’.
  7. One day Astrid dropped off at the astrologer’s, she wanted to know her horror-scope.
  8. Leslie could not distinguish between Tiny Tina and a stag the coven were chasing. Betty said, ‘It’s easy, one is a haunted stag, the other is a stunted hag’.
  9. Celia asked Edna why she carried a pencil sharpener. ‘It’s to keep my hat pointed’, came the reply.
  10. When Gladys went to the zoo she bought two tickets. Leslie asked ‘Why?’. ‘One to get, and one to get out replied Gladys’.
  11. Astrid asked Ivy where she bought her garden furniture. ‘At the Ideal Gnome’ exhibition’, came the reply.
  12. When ever the coven have a brew up, they always drink their tea from a flying saucer.
  13. What happened when the coven’s darts team lost all their matches? They had a spell in the second division.



Redneck Pumpkin Carving

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Oct 302012

The right tool for the job!

Yep, October means it’s time for Pumpkin Carving at the Hickok Compound! We’re still a bit perplexed that so many people consider my method a bit unusual; I’ve never known any other way to do it. :-)

Firearm: Stock Colt 1911 Series ’80 Model 1991

Head Drop Illusion

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Oct 292012

The Old Halloween Head Drop Illusion. This may be the best video you will watch today!


Magician Rich Ferguson doing a Halloween head drop trick on the streets of his home town San Luis Obispo. During the day, this is a great illusion, but during night and in a more vulnerable setting, this freaks people out BIG TIME! Having way too much fun this season with pranks and street magic! Watch out, we are coming for you;)

Patriot Of The Day: Batman

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Oct 292012

Found at the Gateway Pundit.

A Missouri man who goes by “Batman” has decided to hold a one-man vigil on Highway 40 west of St. Louis until election day on November 6.

“Batman” lives in a trailer park near his protest site.
He’s not a fan of Barack Obama.

He says he’s going to protest every day until the election.
Make sure to ‘honk’ when you drive by!