VERY Strange Tweets Minutes After The Las Vegas Shooting Began

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Oct 032017

This user was the first person on twitter to mention Las Vegas in the context of the shooting. He tweeted it out only about 4 minutes after the shooting begins. After that about 7 minutes later another user posts the exact room number and floor of the shooter. Also, the first user account was created in 2011 and this is his very first post. VERY STRANGE.

The weird thing is he decided to make an account, wait 6 years and this is the first thing he tweets… It is chilling.





This Is Why She Lost

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Oct 022017

For God’s sake, can’t the families have at least 24 hours before Liberal Kooks build a stage on the dead?

She must have been a bottle of Chardonnay into the morning!






Social Media Cheat Sheet

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Apr 092015

Social Media Cheat Sheet

Do you know your Twitter from your Facebook? Your Google+ from your Tumblr? Designed for small businesses, the “cheat sheet” below might still be useful to anyone trying to get familiar with some of the social media networking sites out there.

The infographic is from the folks at Flowtown and provides some basic tips, lingo and relative audience size for various social networking sites, though Pinterest was too new to be included, apparently.



American Preferences: Church Or Beer

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Jun 062013

Beer And Church Tweets

A study analyzing Twitter data paints the country by preference for two of its favorite pastimes: beer or church. The study, which was done by geography nerds at Floating Sheep, looks at all geo-tagged tweets from a one week period and extracts tweets containing the words “church” and/or “beer”.

At first glance the map looks as one might expect. The southeast United States glows red with the wholesome, while everyone living in New England, the Rust Belt and just about everyone west of Saint Louis chooses to attend to the the Church of the Almighty Brew. San Franciscans are most verbose in their beery prayers, followed closely by Boston. Which makes sense, because you’d have to be drunk to make it through a Boston winter or listen to a San Franciscan drone endlessly on about how progressive they are.

Upon closer inspection, however, there are a few anomalies. The entirety of the Washington Metro Area tweets piously, with the tiny exception of the District itself— which is populated by a hoard of drunken louts. Which is weird, because I always thought of the D.C. suburbs as soulless places filled with the legions of the damned. Speaking of which, almost all of Maryland goes in the church column, again with the exception of Baltimore.

Still, the whole D.C. area can take solace in not being Dallas, which won the dubious distinction as the “my tweets are holier than thous” twitter hub of the country with a whopping 178 church related tweets. One more reason to never move to Dallas.