Toilet Paper: Over Or Under?

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Jul 062015

Rhett and Link tackle the controversial topic of whether to put the toilet paper roll “over” or “under” in a recent episode of their show Good Mythical Morning. Link argues passionately why he is an “over-er,” but also has to make the opposing argument for “under-ers” because Rhett has no strong feelings about toilet paper orientation.



Sep 022014

A father of two teenagers, Will Reid, made a instructional video for his kids in an attempt to show them how to change a roll of toilet paper. Although the video was intended for teenagers, it can apply to anyone.


A Southampton dad has turned to social media in a bid to get the message across to his teenage children about household chores.

Will Reid has posted what he refers to as the first in a series of ‘instructional videos’ to show his children James and Beth the basics of life.

Titled ‘how to change a toilet roll’, Mr Reid offers a step-by-step guide on restocking an empty loo roll holder with a fresh roll.

Clearly exasperated at not being able to get through to his kids, he says: ‘Obviously me telling them face-to-face is not working, so I’ve tried to be creative and I’ve come up with the idea of using social media to try to reach you.’

Realising every teenager’s worst nightmare of a cringe-worthy dad, Mr Reid name checks his children at the beginning of the video – making sure that everyone who knows a James or Beth Reid of Southampton are in on the joke.

Using phrases such as ‘I know this is a difficult one’, or ‘that might be a step too far’, Mr Reid’s sarcastic tutorial is sure to get a reaction from James and Beth, although it might not be the one he was hoping for.



Toilet Roll Changing

Toilet Roll Changing – Teenage Instructional Video