Obama Blames Bush for Martha Coakley Loss in Massachusetts

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Jan 212010

Let’s see… Obama blames George W. Bush for a Democrat loss in Massachusetts. Bush is responsible for handing over the seat that was occupied by Ted Kennedy for decades to a Republican.

Does this make any sense at all?

The Boston Tea Party

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Jan 202010

God bless all those who fought for their country yesterday. It was a very big day, but yet just another step in the fight back for our country!

‘It is to me a new and consolatory proof that wherever the people are well-informed they can be trusted with their own government; that whenever things get so far wrong as to attract their notice, they may be relied on to set them to rights.”

—Thomas Jefferson to Richard Price, January 8, 1789.

Two hundred and twenty-one years later, the sage of Monticello has been proven right again. Aroused and well-informed by a year of watching a liberal majority go very far wrong, Massachusetts voters handed a Senate seat held by Ted Kennedy for 47 years to Republican Scott Brown, a little known state senator from Wrenthem.

The resounding five-point victory in one of America’s most liberal states is an upset heard ’round Washington—and one that ought to force Democrats to rethink their entire agenda, national health care in particular. Despite an 11th-hour intervention by President Obama in a state he carried with ease only 14 months ago, state Attorney General Martha Coakley was routed even in such unlikely tea-party outposts as Andover (58%) and amid a large turnout for a midwinter special election.

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Hope and Change comes by way of Massachusetts!

Good Riddance Ted Kennedy

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Aug 282009

Ed Anger’s classic eulogy of Ted Kennedy.

Ditto Ed Anger… ditto!

I’m happier than a Labrador Retriever at a wading pool!

After all these years, Ted Kennedy is finally dead! Yahoo!! It took him long enough – even in a nation full of gun-toting crazies, nobody thought Ted mattered enough to shoot.

What a shame, because before he finally died, Ted Kennedy managed to screw up everything he touched. It was bad enough he only got into Harvard because his smarter brothers went there, and their bootlegger father was rich. And everybody knows Ted Kennedy let a young lady die after he crashed a car off a bridge and left her to drown.

He also stuck up for the Commies and smeared guys who were a hundred times smarter and better than him, like that Bork and Clarence Thomas.

Imagine a guy who had to cheat his way through law school getting to decide who sits on the Supreme Court, and even calling one of them a pervert and another one a racist!?

But that’s not the worst of it. Nope, it is all the idiots who kept electing Ted Kennedy time and time again.

I love America, but it’s Americans I can’t stand. And that’s one reason why. How stupid do you have to be to keep voting for this fat, drunk, overrated commie blowhard just because of his famous last name?

I hear though that the news ratings are in the tank with all this Kennedy news, and the only person whose show is getting more watchers is… Glenn Beck! Ha Ha!

It’s enough to make me wish a bunch of stupid hippies would boycott ME!!


Ted Kennedy Jokes

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Aug 282009

1. This just in from Akron……..Ted Kennedy has been sober for 12 hours. More to follow.

2. How did people find out Ted was dead? He didn’t show up to the bar this morning!!

3. Ted Kennedy is a shovel ready project.

4. Saint Peter: “I don’t care how drunk you were, Ted, it’s still murder!”

5. Ted Kennedy died and it’s George Bush’s fault. Obama will address that in his next speech.

6. Thank goodness Kennedy died so we can focus on something other than Obama’s performance. If we are lucky we can focus on Pelosi, Feinstein, and Schumer too.

7. Is this God’s way of taking away the democrats filibuster proof Senate?

8. What’s black, white and hungry? Ted Kennedy’s cat.

9. Kennedy was so full of himself he floated. So full of #### he’s dead

10. Is there life after death? Don’t ask Ted Kennedy, because he has been responsible for three.

11. If Ted Kennedy is to be buried in Martha’s Vineyard, the island will sink below sea level.

12. They have named a drink after Ted Kennedy. It’s called the Chappaquiddick. It’s made by mixing Gin and murky water.

13. Much like his brother, Ted Kennedy will also have an eternal flame in Arlington Cemetery, but for his they are just going to strike a match to his liver.

14. ok, Ted is dead, its all just water under the bridge now.

15. Ted also had a plan to stimulate the Auto industry but his was called cash for kerplunkers.

16. Ted Kennedy never became president because unlike George Washington, he couldn’t cross a river.

17. Teds’ friends say he wasn’t much of a golfer because he always ended up in the water hazard.

18. During the battle in Nasaria, the Marines called up Kennedy because he had experience with crossing a bridge while being bombed.

19. With news of Ted’s death, the Massachusetts liquor industry is now going to need a bailout.

20. For the funeral apparently the Dead Kennedys will be performing.

21. Ted Kennedy is now eligible to vote in Chicago.

Ted Kennedy Sings For Osama … oops … Obama

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Feb 232008

If you needed evidence that Ted Kennedy has a problem with alcohol, here is your proof.

I would go hunting with Cheney before I would go riding with Teddy.

“This week, footage surfaced of Senator Ted Kennedy singing in Spanish to a Latino group. There was an awkward moment when someone in the crowd pointed at Kennedy’s head and said: “Look! The piñata is singing!” ….Conan O’Brien

Once again, Ted Kennedy belted out the 1940s hit “Ay Jalisco No Te Rajes” (Don’t Give Up On Me) during a campaign stop in Laredo. Back in June, audio of Kennedy singing the same song on a popular LA morning radio show became an Internet sensation.

Liberals Aiding and Abetting the Enemy

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Sep 282005

Which side are the liberals on?

Nearly every day we are spoon fed news that attacks in Iraq from outside terrorists and Saddam loyalists have taken the life of an American soldier or innocent Iraqi civilians. That’s right they kill civilians!

Back in the United States Senate, Ted Kennedy calls the President of the United States a liar. Liberals tell the world that our President is an evil and a deceitful man who led us into an immoral war under false pretenses. They insist that it’s President Bush that’s responsible for the deaths of young Americans in Iraq, not the terrorists. Meanwhile Osama Bin Laden cheers them on from his cave.

For some reason, liberals remain oblivious to the fact that much of what they stand for is endorsed by the terrorists. The liberals are for allowing imprisoned enemy combatants the right to challenge their detention in U.S. courts. I don’t think that Osama Bin Laden would object to that. Liberals are for repealing the Patriot Act. I don’t doubt Al-Qaeda terror cells in the United States support that.

The terrorists know that all they have to do is to continue the random killing of soldiers and Iraqi civilians to divide the American public. They may be succeeding due to the efforts of the politically motivated left’s support that gives courage to the enemy to continue the killing.