What It’s Like To Run A 135 Mile Race

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Apr 112014

Josh is a running addict. He wakes up early four to five days a week to run. In this video he faces his greatest obstacle the Brazil 135, a 135 mile race on Path of Faith in Brazil.

Completing such a massive challenge is an incredible achievement. Josh is a real inspiration.

From his blog:

As some of you probably noticed from the photos from Brazil 135, I wore a GoPro camera on my head for chunks of the race.

What It's Like To Run A 135 Mile Race

The headstrap mount was actually pretty comfortable and did a great job both on video mode and timelapse. It didn’t do so well at night, but that’s to be expected when it’s pitch black and the camera doesn’t have a flash or light (and I couldn’t figure out how to comfortably wear both the camera and a headlamp).

I borrowed the camera from some friends at Buzzfeed and after I got home, they used the footage to put together a short video of the race with some voiceover by yours truly.


Human Loop The Loop

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Feb 232014
Human Loop The Loop

Damien Walters is the first human to ever run the Loop the Loop.

Human Loop the Loop with Damien Walters – Pepsi Max. Unbelievable

Pepsi Max brings you the Unbelievable

Unbelievable feats and experiences created for you by Pepsi Max

Could one man run a loop the loop? Daredevils throughout history have been pushing the boundaries of risk, jumping across canyons and flying over rows of vehicles on their bikes. But have never undertaken this unbelievable stunt by foot alone.

Let us introduce Damien Walters, a free running stuntman who challenges himself physically every day by back flipping over buildings, jumping over cars and achieving gymnastic triumphs– but never before like this. Damien has accepted the Pepsi Max challenge of running loop the loop on foot.

Will Damien make it? Watch this video to find out if he is able to successfully free run the loop the loop stunt, and accomplish an unbelievable feat.


Man Fined $100 For Running In Valley Forge Park During Government Shutdown

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Oct 092013

The Spite House

Here we have another example of Barack Hussein Obama intentionally inflicting pain on the American people. If there is one thing the spiteful Alinskyite doesn’t understand its the resolve of the American people. This kind of thing only makes us stronger and more determined.

A marathoner says he was fined $100 for running in Valley Forge National Historical Park during the government shutdown.

John Bell, 56, said he parked his car on Sunday in a remote parking lot, not one blocked by a barrier. Bell, of Chadds Ford, said two rangers were waiting with their car lights flashing when he returned.

Bell said he plans to fight the ticket in federal court. He said he saw many other runners and bikers in the park.


Tyranny is a very real threat to Liberty and we are now staring it right in the eye!


How To Of The Day: Learn The Proper Running Technique In 30 Seconds

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Aug 172013

Once again… don’t say that you didn’t learn anything today.

With tips assembled from barefoot running research, the pose method, and studying the pros, Greatist simplifies proper running technique into a 30 second starter package.


Race Between Two 90 Years Plus Athletes

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Apr 062013


Emiel Pauwels, 94, represents Belgium. Ilmari Koppinen, 95, runs for Finland. Depending on which news organization you consult, they ran either 60 or 100 meters, either of which is amazing. Place your bets.