If Rudolph Took Place Today

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Dec 232014

The world has changed since 1964!

If the story of “Rudolph” happened today, things would probably go down a lot differently. This humorous parody by FatAwesome shows how in modern times people wouldn’t have taken Santa’s discrimination so lightly. All it takes is one elf with a smartphone, and Santa finds himself going viral online – and not in a good way.



Run Run Rudolph: The World of Reindeer Racing

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Dec 202013


Reindeer racing, in which competitors on skis are pulled by reindeer galloping down the snow-covered trail, is a popular sport in Norway, Finland, and Russia. The indigenous Sami people are reindeer herders, and know which are the fastest for the sport. Reindeer that run the fastest are highly prized for breeding purposes, and sometimes reindeer are the actual prize for winning a race!

Variations on the sport include reindeer pulling sleds, and reindeer teams of two or more. In Anchorage, Alaska, people actually race against reindeer, which ends up looking like the running of the bulls in Pamplona.