Jul 192017

A police officer sings “You Are My Sunshine” at the request of an elderly woman. This is the type of Police Body Camera Footage we all can enjoy!

A police officer’s body camera captured this sweet video of an elderly woman at her home. The officer was there to make sure she was OK after helping her with her microwave. Filmed in Logan, Utah.


Jul 122017

This Guitar Was Built with Wood from Bushmills Irish Whiskey Barrels

Guitar Built With Wood From Irish Whiskey Barrels

And it sounds pretty good, too.

Plenty of great guitar-driven songs are “soaked in whiskey” – a polite way of saying that the artist behind it was a bit of a drunk. But as for the guitars themselves, unless said artist was a touch too tipsy to find his mouth while performing, the instruments typically stay dry. However, for musicians looking to truly intertwine their booze with their six-string, Lowden Guitars and Bushmills Irish Whiskey have teamed up to release a guitar made in part from Bushmills whiskey barrels.

Granted, these limited-edition, hand-crafted guitars are far from being entirely made of old whiskey barrels. The bulk of the instrument is made from ancient bog oak and reclaimed sinker redwood: The former is used for the back and sides; the latter for the soundboard (basically the front part of the guitar). Instead, Bushmills barrels are used for the “appointments” – which are essentially the decorative elements of the instrument: the back inlay, soundbox bevel, bindings, rosette, head facings, and a special Bushmills 12th fret inlay. Sadly, as a result, you can’t brag to your friends that the entire guitar reverberates with the sound of whiskey-soaked wood, but it’s not like the guitars your friends have were made with any whiskey barrel wood so why do you have to impress them?!

“We scour the world for the best tonewoods which are the real ‘stars’ of our guitars, determining how they sound, feel, and play, so my sons and I relished the opportunity to work with the Coopers to select the best Bushmills Irish Whiskey barrel wood for the guitar,” said George Lowden in a statement. “It was a great opportunity to see up close how the barrels are formed and how they give the whiskey its colour and flavour.”

Only eight of these Bushmills x Lowden F-50 guitars have been produced, and as would probably be expected, the price is steep: £8,500 (over US$10,000). Assuming, you’d like to listen before you buy, Bushmills released an “Acoustic Session” video featuring Northern Irish singer-songwriter Ciaran Lavery with the guitar’s sound supporting Lavery’s delightfully world-weary voice.

For the record, this isn’t the first time a guitar has been made using whiskey barrel wood. In fact, it’s not even the first time a guitar has been made from Bushmills barrels. Back in 2012, Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon and guitar maker Gordy Bischoff built a one-of-a-kind electric baritone guitar almost entirely out of a Bushmills whiskey barrel that was auctioned off for charity. That sold for $9,400. But, you know, inflation and all.


Competitive Foursome

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Apr 252017

These four ladies from Germany, known as Salut Salon, are not only great musicians, they are very talented comedians.

Antonio Vivaldi’s “Summer” is the scene of a musical competition. Salut Salon fight him acrobatic, and with lots of humor – a classic of the Hamburg quartet. A concert recording from the movie “Salut Salon. The film” directed by Ralf Pleger.

“The Summer”, composed by Antonio Vivaldi, Becomes the stage for a musical competition. Salut Salon fight acrobatically and with a special sense of humor – this is a classic Salut Salon, a live recording from the movie “Salut Salon The Movie.” Directed by music filmmaker Ralf Pleger.


Whip Somebody’s Ass

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Apr 062017
I’m About to Whip Somebody’s Ass

The ultimate stress reliever.

When things are going really bad at work… just remember to stop and sing this little song to feel much better.



I’m about to whip somebody’s ass
Oh, I’m about to whip somebody’s ass
Oh, if you don’t leave me alone
You’re gonna have to send me home
Cause i’m about to whip somebody’s ass



“The Imperial March” Played With A Plastic Coffee Stick

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Dec 092016

A Russian man plays the Star Wars Imperial March on his coffee stick!

How is it that the last three notes go low, high, mid but he makes the plastic coffee stick shorter with each move? Shouldn’t that make the notes go low, mid, high?

First “Fake News”, now Fake Russian YouTube Videos?


Brain Teaser Of The Day: Popular Music

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Sep 262016
Can you identify the following songs and their artists?

1) Refrain from halting, the first person, immediately.
by Female monarch.

2) Multiple timepieces.
by Low temperature, stage production.

3) Unbleached, natural sweetener.
by Perpetual motion of small rock.

4) Sugary infant, belonging to me.
by Firearms & thorny plants.

5) Refrain from remaining, on your feet, near myself.
by Poisoned insect injection.



The Subway Singer

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Sep 252016

These people walking by don’t even notice what they are missing.


There are leagues of talented subway singers in New York City. And while most of them undoubtedly dream of being discovered, most of them never make it to the masses.

Mike Yung is one of the lucky few who can now say they’ve been discovered in the hustling, bustling underground subway system of Manhattan.

Recently, Yung was filmed singing “Unchained Melody” by the Righteous Brothers at the 23rd Street subway station. The clip went viral and caught the attention of late night TV show host and notorious music lover James Corden.

Corden was so impressed by Yung’s impromptu subway performance that he demanded the singer perform on his show, The Late Show With James Corden! In turn, Corden gave the unknown vocalist an opportunity to share his talent with the world — and Yung did not disappoint.

Like a seasoned professional, Yung recreated his viral performance of “Unchained Melody,” the classic song from 1965, and dazzled Corden’s audience. His voice is full of so much old-school soul, it’s almost like he stepped out from a different time.

I have a feeling we’ll be seeing a lot more of Mike Yung, and that’s definitely a good thing for music. How cool is it that he can thank the internet for shooting him to stardom?!



Mel Carter – Taps

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Sep 152016

Mel Carter performs the best version of “Taps” that you’ll ever hear.


Dedicated to the men and women of our armed forces: past, present, future.

This rare vocal interpretation of the lyrics to one of the most profound instrumental pieces frequently performed at military ceremonies — recording artist Mel Carter brings the message home loud and clear.

Audio and video recorded, mixed and edited by Randy Tobin at Theta Sound Studio, Burbank, California.