Hillary’s Monument

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Mar 232015

Hillary's MonumentI have the distinguished honor of being on the Committee to raise $50,000,000 for a monument to Hillary R. Clinton. We originally wanted to put her on Mt. Rushmore, until we discovered there was not enough room for two more faces.

We then decided to erect a statue of Hillary in the Washington, D.C. Hall of Fame. We were in a quandary as to where the statue should be placed. It was not proper to place it beside the statue of George Washington, who never told a lie, or beside her husband William J. Clinton, who never told the truth, since Hillary could never tell the difference.

We finally decided to place it beside Christopher Columbus, the greatest Democrat of them all. He left not knowing where he was going, and when he got there he did not know where he was. He returned not knowing where he had been, and did it all on someone else’s money.

Thank you,
Hillary R. Clinton Monument Committee

p.s. The Committee has raised $.16 so far.


Jan 132013

WARNING TO LIBERALS: The following sentence may be considered racist to some without a sense of humor.

Obama on Mount Rushmore… as soon as they find some black granite!

Yep, put him up there. Why not? He is such an upstanding pillar of American values and standards. And he has done so much in his life. What an accomplished person he is.

But, being serious for a minute, he does represent where American values are today. He is a monument to mediocracy and nothingness. I say, lets rename America to Obamanation. To hell with it. Let’s do it.

BTW, that ain’t no cigarette he’s smoking.


Steve Forbes: Obama Thinks He’ll be on “Mount Rushmore”; Willing to Martyr Democrats For His “Revolution”

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Aug 292010

More and more people are telling it like it is.

“He feels that, in terms of what he’s done, long-term it will make him a great President – put him on Mount Rushmore – change America from a greedy nation to a quiet socialist nation that knows its place in the world. So, in that sense, he’s just going to go along with it, and if the Democrats take a loss, they’re just martyrs to his revolution.”