Steer the Coverage

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Jan 292011

Video Description:

We kick off another year of our Silicon Graffiti videoblog with a look at Old Media’s response to the horrific shooting of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-AZ). For anyone who was on Twitter at the time the news first broke, it was quite a sight watching old media’s narrative emerge in real time even before any of the basic facts of the story were known.But this was far from the first time that a narrative was preformed—or very quickly assembled in the wake of a shock event. We try to place the MSM’s response to the Giffords shooting with some earlier attempts by the MSM to force the facts like a pretzel to fit an existing storyline:Krugman versus the clip-art . Camelot and the Prefab Narrative .Katrina: Iraq without Iraq .Airbrushing Rev. Wright out of the media .”N-Word 15 times.” Looking for the Times Square Bomber in all the wrong places .”To be fair, there were some good reasons to steer the coverage initially in this direction.”Tune in here to watch!

News Crew Goes Wrong Way on One-Way Street

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Jan 182011

Video Description:

The King 5 TV “Storm-King” weather crew was out in Seattle this morning broadcasting the local weather conditions. They should have paid more attention to the road signs!

Watch as they proceed the WRONG WAY up a One-Way street… good thing no traffic was headed that way!

Way to go “Yellow Jackets”…your ticket is in the mail!