Unfounding Father Vs. Founding Father Round VI

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Jan 082016

Unfounding Father Vs. Founding Father Round VI

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Charlton Heston – From My Cold Dead Hands

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Apr 212014
Charlton Heston’s chillingly prophetic speech – From My Cold Dead Hands

Charlton Heston, the former actor and president of the National Rifle Association, gave a prophetic speech in 2000 in defense of the Second Amendment. He ended that speech with his now famous phrase, “From my cold dead hands!”

Truer words could not be spoken any clearer!

Charlton Heston - From My Cold Dead HandsDuring the height of the 2000 election season, Heston delivered a rousing speech at the NRA Convention in which he closed by invoking an old Second Amendment battle cry as he raised a vintage 1874 buffalo rifle over his head: “So, as we set out this year to defeat the divisive forces that would take freedom away, I want to say those fighting words for everyone within the sound of my voice to hear and to heed, and especially for you, (presidential candidate) Mr. (Al) Gore: ‘From my cold, dead hands.’”

The “cold, dead hands” saying did not originate with Heston. It had been around since the 1970s, when it was used as a slogan for literature and bumper stickers by gun rights activists. The slogan didn’t even originate with the NRA; it was first used by the Washington-based Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms.

But Heston’s usage of those five words in 2000 made them iconic. Gun owners across the nation began using the slogan as a rallying cry, saying, “You can have my guns when you take them from my cold, dead hands.” Heston is often incorrectly attributed with coining the phrase. When he resigned from the NRA presidency in 2003 due to his declining health, he again raised the rifle over his head and repeated, “From my cold, dead hands.”




Man Fined $100 For Running In Valley Forge Park During Government Shutdown

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Oct 092013

The Spite House

Here we have another example of Barack Hussein Obama intentionally inflicting pain on the American people. If there is one thing the spiteful Alinskyite doesn’t understand its the resolve of the American people. This kind of thing only makes us stronger and more determined.

A marathoner says he was fined $100 for running in Valley Forge National Historical Park during the government shutdown.

John Bell, 56, said he parked his car on Sunday in a remote parking lot, not one blocked by a barrier. Bell, of Chadds Ford, said two rangers were waiting with their car lights flashing when he returned.

Bell said he plans to fight the ticket in federal court. He said he saw many other runners and bikers in the park.


Tyranny is a very real threat to Liberty and we are now staring it right in the eye!


Rush Limbaugh Explains ‘American Exceptionalism’ To Obama And Putin

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Sep 132013

American Exceptionalism is a foreign concept to both Obama And Putin. Rush’s explanation is brilliant and probably one of the best monologues that he has ever done.

In response to Putin’s and Obama’s failure to define ‘American Exceptionalism’, Rush Limbaugh steps in and schools them both in this epic video.



We Have Your Back

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Jun 092013


Sarah PalinWhether you agree or disagree with this soldier’s opinions, I think we can all agree that the apparent retribution he faced for proudly reading certain authors is outrageous.

I’d love to see more of America’s finest, our men and women in uniform, along with everybody else proudly and boldly reading more writings from patriots who pinpoint who is trying to kill our Constitution. Americans obviously need to know why it’s imperative we don’t roll over and succumb to these attempts to fundamentally transform America into a populace of sheep merely grazing, and then atrophying, under tyranny. This IS a battle between liberty and tyranny, as the title of Mark Levin’s book declares. The authors and commentators mentioned in the article linked below will help more of our loved ones understand this by articulately explaining what the radical Left’s leadership is doing to our country.

Yes, if more citizens would hear and read Rush, The Great One, et al., the empowerment of the average person would provide the energy and encouragement to take a stand and proclaim, “No more!” It’s time. Troops – especially you – have fought for the freedoms enshrined in our Constitution. Your brothers and sisters have died in this battle to defend liberty. Please know that a grateful nation won’t let your sacrifices be in vain. We have your back.

I’d love to see pictures of our troops reading any of these apparently “banned” pro-America books. Don’t show your face or name in the photo, perhaps just your liberty-loving hands around a liberty-loving book or hands on a radio dial tuning in to hear the aforementioned conservative leaders speak truth. What is the use in fighting and dying for freedom in far away countries if they take away freedom at home? Post a pic.

– Sarah Palin

Here is the article I’m referencing:

Conservative Christian Soldier Told Not to Read Levin or Hannity in Uniform