Nov 292013

The Robertsons

The Robertsons- Duck Dynasty

This is an amazing production from I am Second. If you have a good monitor, watch it in High Definition in full screen mode.

From The Right Scoop:

I just spent the last 30 minutes watching this and I must say it’s quite moving. You might even need a few tissues to get you through a few of the more touching moments as Phil and Kay describe Phil’s walk from the darkness into the light. Not only that, but Jep Robertson also gets real about the worst time in his life when his family finally had to give him an ultimatum to turn him around. And lastly there is Reed Robertson, Jase’s son, who reveals the he almost committed suicide after the show started and explains what happened.

Fans of the Robertsons are now being offered an unprecedented look at their lives before they hit the big-time in an upcoming 30-minute Christian motivational film by I Am Second. In the movie, the Robertsons divulge details about their past demons, opening up about the drinking and infidelity that almost tore them all apart.

“The Robertson’s wanted to share the deeper story beyond their name. We love them on television, but there is so much more to them than that,” filmmaker Scott Mayo told FOX411. “They have this incredible story about their life and faith, and wanted to tell this story to inspire others… Just because they are on TV doesn’t make them perfect.”

After interviewing three generations of the very famous family – Phil, Miss Kay, son Jep and grandson Reed– Mayo said he was surprised at how open and candid the stars were in vocalizing their difficult history.

“Phil lives with a lot of conviction and shared a lot of dark struggles from his past. He did it in a way that was bold and raw,” continued the filmmaker, adding that simply being in the presence of Phil through the production was a profound experience in and of itself. “If there was any silence in the room, he would just start pontificating and laying down some shotgun wisdom.”

In a dimly lit room, Phil begins by opening up about how he initially pushed those trying to introduce him to Jesus away.

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