Jan 222018
Just one more thing on Democrats

In case you haven’t noticed;

Democrats have chosen:
The enemies of Israel, over Israel
Muslims over Gays
Rigged elections over Democracy
Communism over Capitalism
Criminals over Police
Globalists over America
Wall Street over Main Street
Illegal Aliens over Citizens


Just One More Thing On Democrats


Jan 202018


Chuck Schumer's Name Literally Means “Good For Nothing”, "Vagabond"

According to Ancestry.com, the name Schumer comes from “North German (Schümer): nickname from Middle Low German schumer ‘good-for-nothing’, ‘vagabond.’”

Chuck Schumer's Name Literally Means “Good For Nothing”,

This is meaning is wildly appropriate for Chuck Schumer. Few, if any, politicians have been more aptly named.

Democrats no longer work for the citizens that elected them. They work for people who break our laws and sneak into this country illegally. That would rather fight for criminals than to see a patriotic soldier get their paycheck. This is the modern Democrat Party!


Chuck Schumer in 2013: Democrats would never shut down the government over immigration because it would be chaos.

“I’ll give you the basic line,” Mr. Schumer relented after twice declining to comment on the shutdown situation. “The basic line is: No matter how strongly one feels about an issue, you shouldn’t hold millions of people hostage. That’s what the other side is doing. That’s wrong and we can’t give in to that.” ~ Chuck Schumer September 2013





MSNBC Proves The Need For Trump’s Border Wall

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Oct 242017

Priceless! A MSNBC segment questioning the need for a Trump border wall is interrupted by an illegal jumping over an existing fence.

How can the Mainstream Media and Liberals be wrong so many times!

MSNBC attacked Trump’s proposed border wall and during their segment, illegal aliens jumped over border fence proving the need for the wall.


DACA For Dummies

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Sep 082017
DACA For Dummies

It wasn’t even an executive order, but a memo saying we’re not going to actually enforce the law. It was done to get around Congress in the worst way.
Obama put an expiration date on it for 2017 either to bolster the Democrat successor or screw the (unlikely) Republican successor.


Joke Of The Day: Too Many

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Jul 122015
Rubber Chicken An American man, a Chinese man, and a Mexican man are on a plane.

The plane is going to crash unless they lose some excess weight.

The Mexican man throws beans off the plane, he says, “In my country, we have too many beans.”

Next, the Chinese man throws rice off the plane, he says, “In my country, we have too much rice.”

Next, the American man throws the Mexican man off the plane, he says, “That bastard slept with my wife.”



Military To Allow Illegal Aliens To Serve

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Sep 262014

The U.S. Military is now going to allow Illegal Immigrants to serve (Obama’s Orders).


FLASHBACK: Army to lay off 30,000 US soldiers..

From Allen West:

While you were sleeping, Barack Hussein Obama took out his pen and ordered our Military to enlist illegal aliens. In other words, this charlatan has allowed those who have disrespected our Constitution and are not citizens to take an oath to support and defend the very document, our rule of law, of which they are in violation. Obama has no constitutional authority to make any laws or rules concerning naturalization as stated in Art I Sect 8 Clause 4. This is an illegal order and should not be followed by our Military. As well, we are pink-slipping men and women in uniform, Americans, and Obama wants to enlist illegals. We are already outsourcing our national security to Syrian Islamists. This is intolerable and just another reason why we must flip the Senate and begin to reverse Obama’s tyranny. Any Democrat supporting this illegal order needs to be voted out!


Joke Of The Day: 4 Guys In A Boat

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Nov 152013
Rubber Chicken A Cuban, a Japanese guy, an American and a Mexican are in a boat.

The Cuban pulls out a box of cigars, takes one and throws the rest in the water. He puffs twice and throws it in the water. He says, “We have so many cigars in Cuba, we can spare a few.”

The Japanese guy pulls a computer chip out of his pocket and throws it in the water. He says, “We produce so many of these, we can spare a few.”

The American looks at the Mexican and the Mexican says “Don’t even think about it.”