Feb 142017

The Real Deporter and Chief
During Obama’s rein over 2.5 million illegal immigrants were deported, this number equates to half a million more than during the George W. Bush administration. Obama within many circles was labeled the “Deporter in Chief

ICE enforcement of this policy has been common place in many cities throughout Obama’s terms and never reported by the Mainstream Media. No video’s, no protests, no outrage and not a dissenting peep from the Democrats.

The current ICE raids, rounding up illegal immigrants who have committed felonies and already had deportation orders are the ones be being targeted by ICE. This in fact is a continuation of the Obama policies, these scheduled raids had little to nothing to do with the Trump administration.

Obama’s policy on deporting illegal immigrants was well noted in numerous speeches throughout his two terms and was never met with a word of opposition.

But now these very same policies, that were enacted by Obama to uphold the rule of law regarding illegal immigration, are being used by the very same democrats who were silent, to bash Trump to make him look like the man ripping little Mexican children off the street clinging to their teddy bears.

The problem with Obama’s illegal immigration policy was really not flawed from the street level. The policy was flawed post deportation. This is why so many of these criminals who were deported under the Obama administration, through ICE lacked success. The reason? These illegal immigrants would simply re-enter through our porous southern border, to carry on their crimes over and over again.

Trumps policies on illegal immigration actually mirror those of Obama’s. The difference? KEEPING THEM OUT! This is where the border wall, increased border patrols and security play a major role. When you look at the billions of dollars spent capturing, processing and deporting illegal criminals over and over again, the cost of that “wall” starts to look far more cost-effective.

We are a nation of laws that must be adhered to. Illegal cannot be justified, especially for so many that are working to enter the country legally.

The hypocrisy and politicizing of the left is absolutely disgraceful, considering they applauded the very same policies on immigration the Obama echoed so many times.

This can serve as a lesson for all those simple-minded fools protesting the policies of Obama, that they now blame Trump for.

The Real Deporter and Chief


Feb 062017

WOW! President Trump is actually going to carryout the promises made by Bill Clinton and Barrack Obama. Promises made but forgotten, ignored and never accomplished.

It becomes more evident now that the paid Liberal riots and protests are nothing more than political theater intended to delegitimize Trump and cause division. The Democrats are the party of slavery, the party of hypocrisy and the party of their own invention “Fake news”. The party of degenerate, Fascist anti-America Losers.


FLASHBACK: Booker: ‘Honored’ To Work With Sessions On Civil Rights

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Jan 102017

Cory Booker in 2016: ‘I Feel Blessed and Honored’ to have partnered with Senator Sessions on Civil Rights.

New Jersey Democratic Sen. Cory Booker, who will break Senate tradition and testify against the confirmation of a colleague for a cabinet post, once praised GOP Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions for working with him to honor civil rights activists.

Booker will testify against Sessions’ confirmation as attorney general. He told MSNBC’s Chris Hayes Monday night that he has serious concerns about Sessions’ civil rights record.

Just last year in February 2016, Sessions partnered with Booker to award the Congressional Gold Medal to those who participated in the 1965 Voting Rights March from Selma to Montgomery, Ala.



US Interfered In Foreign Presidential Elections At Least 81 Times In 54 Years

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Dec 292016
The US was found to have interfered in foreign elections at least 81 times between 1946 and 2000 – not counting US-backed military coups or regime change efforts.

US Interfered In Foreign Presidential Elections At Least 81 Times In 54 Years
Ever since Donald Trump managed to win the US Presidential Election last month, the US establishment – which largely backed Hillary Clinton – has pounced on any and all opportunities to accuse a foreign power, namely Russia, of having “interfered” in the US election. Though such accusations have been proven to be based solely on speculation and not hard evidence, that hasn’t stopped the US political elite for crying foul for an act, they say undermines democracy in the worst way possible. Yet, absent from all of this post-election hysteria, is any mention of the US’ own well-documented practice of interfering with the elections of numerous foreign nations under the pretext of protecting or furthering US “interests” abroad.

Dov Levin, a political scientist at Carnegie Mellon University, amassed a database of US election interference abroad, which shows just how common that practice has been throughout recent US history. According to Levin’s work, the US interfered in 81 foreign elections between 1946 and 2000. The definition of intervention used in the study was “a costly act which is designed to determine the election results [in favor of] one of the two sides.” However, other types of intervention in elections, such as US “assistance” in the electoral process via election monitoring etc, was not included. The incidents of intervention cited in the database were largely carried out in secret as only one-third of intervention efforts were carried out publicly. Methods included the dissemination of misinformation or propaganda, training one side in campaigning techniques, making threats against a particular candidate, threatening to withdraw foreign aid, and bank-rolling a particular candidate among others. In 59% of the cases examined, the candidate that had received US “assistance” emerged victorious, though Levin estimated that the average effect of “partisan electoral interventions” only swayed the vote by an average of 3%.

However, these incidents do not include those that have taken place over the past 16 years. Under Bush, election intervention was a common policy practiced jointly through regime change, as evidenced by Bush’s covert intervention in the Iraqi elections of 2005. In a 2006 interview, Hillary Clinton argued that allowing Palestine to hold elections was a mistake. “I do not think we should have pushed for an election in the Palestinian territories. I think that was a big mistake,” said Clinton. “And if we were going to push for an election, then we should have made sure that we did something to determine who was going to win.” The same such interference continued later under Obama, such as in the 2015 elections in Haiti.

It is also worth noting that the report does not include the numerous military coups and regime change efforts the US has led in the same time period. Notable military coups of the past century include those which took place in Guatemala, Iran, and Chile – all of which were bank-rolled and executed with US military assistance. Regime change efforts continue to today, particularly in Syria, as US imperialism seeks continue to dominate all other nations in the name of “protecting democracy.” Though President-Elect Trump has pledged to not continue this long-standing practice, it remains to be seen if he will be able to resist the “deep state” or if he will be forced to serve its interests like the Presidents before him.


Nov 302016

Flag Protection Act hillary-clinton-and-the-flag-protection-act-of-2005

While Donald Trump has taken flack from Civil Libertarians and the Mainstream Media for his statement on the flag-burning issue, it’s worth noting that in 2005, Hillary Clinton proposed a law that would send people to jail for 1 year for burning of the American flag.


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The bill she co-sponsored with Bob Bennett “outlawed flag burning, and called for a punishment of one year in jail and a fine of $100,000” when the flag is burned for “breach of the peace” or “intimidation”.

Another brilliant move by Trump to expose “Fake News” and the hypocrisy of Clinton supporters and the Mainstream media.


Obama Adds A Home In California To Live In After He Leaves Office

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Nov 222016

So, Obama will leave office with homes in Washington DC, Chicago, California, and Hawaii… yet he has never worked in the private sector. He has written books. Surely, that’s where most of the money is from. Funny… Liberals love to complain about African dictators that get rich while in power, sounds like those foreign dictators are junior varsity thieves.

What is interesting about this is that Obama is moving into an area that isn’t even remotely diverse.

This California home is in Rancho Mirage, a town with a population of only 17,218, based on figures from the 2010 census.

Rancho Mirage is highly sought after as a top golf spot, as the town features twelve golf courses. Obama is a huge fan of golf and has visited the town on numerous occasions during his presidency.

Details on the home itself are lacking, but the 2010 census paints an interesting picture of the community’s demographics.

According to the census, 88.7 percent of the population is white, with 81.7 percent registering as non-Hispanic white. In contrast, only 1.5 percent of the local population is African American. About half of a percent is Native American. In 2010, there were 651 Asians, making them only 3.8 percent of the community. Hispanics or Latinos comprised 11.4 percent, which is less than the national figure.

The Obama administration has been the most diverse administration in history, but that track record won’t follow the Obamas outside the White House — at least in terms of their new place in Rancho Mirage.

However, it’s also notable that despite boasting of a diverse administration, the Department of State’s Refugee Processing Center has taken steps to funnel almost all the ;Syrian refugees sent to Virginia into low-income, poverty-stricken areas far from the wealthy suburbs just outside Washington, D.C.

Although the Obamas purchased a home in California — which now makes them bi-coastal — in the meantime, they will be remaining in Washington, D.C., at least until Sasha can finish high school at Sidwell Friends School. The family is leasing a nine-bedroom $4.3 million dollar mansion in D.C. for the time being.


Quite an impressive number of homes. Not bad for a Community Organizer, those people are racking in like tens of thousands a year!

Coming soon… The Obama Global Initiative.


Breaking News: Hillary Endorses Donald Trump For President

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Oct 162016

Hillary Endorses Donald Trump

In the Wikileaks release of Hillary Clinton’s Goldman Sachs speeches, one transcript reveals something quite interesting. Hillary said she wanted successful business people to run for office because they can’t be bought.

Be careful what you wish for!

It doesn’t get any more hilarious than this.

WikiLeaks released yet another batch of Podesta emails, and this one contained a beautiful little nugget from one of Hillary Clinton’s top secret Wall Street speeches. Nearly three years ago, she gave a speech to Goldman Sachs and said that she wished successful businesspeople would run for office. You know. Because they can’t be bought.


So, three years ago, she basically said that someone– like a Donald Trump– should run because he/she can’t be bought. Is she also implying that she can be bought? (I know, I know. Stupid question. We already know the answer to that.)



Oct 152016

Hillary Clinton Goldman Sachs full transcripts

For your reading enjoyment… Wikileaks releases the full transcript of Hillary Clinton’s Goldman Sachs speeches.

From Wikileaks:



To: jpalmieri@hillaryclinton.com, john.podesta@gmail.com, slatham@hillaryclinton.com, kschake@hillaryclinton.com, bfallon@hillaryclinton.com, gruncom@aol.com

Date: 2016-01-23 22:08

Subject: Goldman Sachs paid speeches

The 3 (I misspoke about 5 earlier) speeches to Goldman are attached with some parts highlighted. Below are some of the more noteworthy quotes.

Here is the Politico story Mandy was referencing earlier http://www.politico.com/magazine/story/2013/12/wall-street-white-house-republicans-lament-of-the-plutocrats-101047

*Clinton Said, With Dodd-Frank, There Was “A Need To Do Something Because For Political Reasons” Because Members Of Congress “Can’t Sit Idly By And Do Nothing.” *“And with political people, again, I would say the same thing, you know, there was a lot of complaining about Dodd-Frank, but there was also a need to do something because for political reasons, if you were an elected member of Congress and people in your constituency were losing jobs and shutting businesses and everybody in the press is saying it’s all the fault of Wall Street, you can’t sit idly by and do nothing, but what you do is really important.” [GS2, 10/24/13]

*Tim O’Neill Told Clinton “We Really Did Appreciate It” When She Had Been “Courageous In Some Respects To Associated With Wall Street And This Environment.” *“MR. O’NEILL: By the way, we really did appreciate when you were the senator from New York and your continued involvement in the issues (inaudible) to be courageous in some respects to associated with Wall Street and this environment. Thank you very much. SECRETARY CLINTON: Well, I don’t feel particularly courageous. I mean, if we’re going to be an effective, efficient economy, we need to have all part of that engine running well, and that includes Wall Street and Main Street. And there’s a big disconnect and a lot of confusion right now. So I’m not interested in, you know, turning the clock back or pointing fingers, but I am interested in trying to figure out how we come together to chart a better way forward and one that will restore confidence in, you know, small and medium-size businesses and consumers and begin to chip away at the unemployment rate. So it’s something that I, you know, if you’re a realist, you know that people have different roles to play in politics, economics, and this is an important role, but I do think that there has to be an understanding of how what happens here on Wall Street has such broad consequences not just for the domestic but the global economy, so more thought has to be given to the process and transactions and regulations so that we don’t kill or maim what works, but we concentrate on the most effective way of moving forward with the brainpower and the financial power that exists here.” [GS2, 10/24/13]

*Speaking About Financial Regulations, Clinton Said “The People That Know The Industry Better Than Anybody Are The People Who Work In The Industry.” *“There’s nothing magic about regulations, too much is bad, too little is bad. How do you get to the golden key, how do we figure out what works? And the people that know the industry better than anybody are the people who work in the industry.” [GS2, 10/24/13]

*Clinton Said “I Represented All Of You For Eight Years. I Had Great Relations And Worked So Close Together After 9/11 To Rebuild Downtown.” *“I represented all of you for eight years. I had great relations and worked so close together after 9/11 to rebuild downtown, and a lot of respect for the work you do and the people who do it, but I do — I think that when we talk about the regulators and the politicians, the economic consequences of bad decisions back in ’08, you know, were devastating, and they had repercussions throughout the world.” [GS2, 10/24/13]

*Clinton Said “Banks Are Not Doing What They Need To Do Because They’re Scared Of Regulations, They’re Scared Of The Other Shoe Dropping.” *“I mean, right now, there are so many places in our country where the banks are not doing what they need to do because they’re scared of regulations, they’re scared of the other shoe dropping, they’re just plain scared, so credit is not flowing the way it needs to to restart economic growth. So people are, you know, a little — they’re still uncertain, and they’re uncertain both because they don’t know what might come next in terms of regulations, but they’re also uncertain because of changes in a global economy that we’re only beginning to take hold of.” [GS2, 10/24/13]



Can’t Do It… Michelle Obama Hates Hillary

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Oct 152016

Barack Hussein Obama and Michelle Obama have been running around pretending Hillary Clinton is the most qualified person ever to run for President.

But, like Trump mentioned in the debate, that’s a far cry from what Michelle Obama said about her in 2008.

In fact, they were pretty nasty to the “Wicked Witch Of The West” back in 2008.

Hope and Change my ass!

A new book called First Women: The Grace and Power of America’s Modern First Ladies by New York Times bestselling author Kate Anderson Brower reveals that Michelle Obama hates former First Lady Hillary Clinton and that Mrs. Obama is largely unhappy with her position as First Lady.

Michelle has apparently refused to invite Hillary and former President Bill Clinton over to the White House for dinner due to built up animosity over the 2008 primary election between then-Senator Obama and Hillary.

“Michelle’s feelings towards Hillary were blatantly obvious when no couple dinners were scheduled at the Obama White House while Hillary was secretary of state and frequently meeting with the President,” reports The Daily Mail UK.

Brower’s book says that relationships between First Ladies can often be warm and sorority-like, while some are rivalistic, “fraught with hurt feelings and resentment, like that between Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama.”

“The 2008 presidential campaign left deep and lasting scars on both the Clinton and the Obama camps, and they are still shockingly fresh,” writes Brower. Apparently, Michelle is still miffed that Hillary dared mock her husband’s (failed) message of “Hope and Change.”

For example, at a 2008 campaign rally in Ohio, Hillary ridiculed Obama: “The sky will open, the light will come down, celestial choirs will be singing, and everyone will know that we should do the right thing, and the world would be perfect.”

The First Lady is no fan of Bill either: “When Michelle Obama views the Clintons, I don’t want to say she’s looking down her nose at them – but she kind of is,” a former Obama advisor told Brower.

The Clinton inner-circle seemingly feels the same underwhelming sentiment for Michelle, specifically as a First Lady: “Those Clinton acolytes also suggest that ‘Michelle has not done enough as first lady’ and has failed to prioritize funding for some programs that subsequently lost their federal support,” notes The Daily Mail UK.

One of the programs not taken up by Michelle was “Save America’s Treasures, a program that Hillary started to help preserve and protect historic sites, arts and published works and was lovingly carried on by Laura Bush, the next first lady.”

Mrs. Obama “felt no such obligation to those treasures and let the program dissolve.”

Michelle is reportedly unhappy as First Lady, too, once telling Late Show host Steven Colbert that she looked forward to the day she could escape “the watchful eye of the Secret Service.”

“Over the past seven years, Michelle’s unhappiness is evident in the increasingly difficult access to her as first lady,” says The Daily Mail UK. “Friends of the first lady say that Michelle’s unhappiness as first lady is the reason for that hard line.”

“Requests to the first lady’s East Wing office for an interview are normally politely declined,” said CBS News’ Bill Plant.

Further, Mrs. Obama shut down the idea of becoming too politically involved, explaining that being submersed in policy would bore her.

“The notion of sitting around the table with a set of policy advisers – no offense – makes me yawn,” she said.

The First Lady has instead become deeply passionate about fashion and famously campaigns for the “Let’s Move” initiative intended to end childhood obesity by monitoring youngsters’ food choices.

Evidence of a cold, even hateful relationship between Michelle and Hillary comes as no surprise. The former secretary of state and President Obama have had a suspect relationship for years, only becoming warmer publicly in recent months as Hillary is under federal investigation and running for president, and Mr. Obama is doing everything in his power to buildup and strengthen his legacy.