An X Mark On Both Hands

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Mar 222017

According to Palmistry only 3% of people have an X on both palms.

Its not Palmistry or any superstitious technique originating from India. This is an incredibly ancient method utilized by Egyptians and Greeks to foresay someone’s future.

In truth last acknowledged historic record of this technique is discussed in Great Alexanders period where the royal consultants have actually suggested that the great Alexander will be the best leader in the era due to the reality that he had 2 plainly noticeable letter Xs in both palms.

STI university in Moscow (Russia) revealed their most present term paper on “X palm secret and Spirit Science formula” which studied more than 2 Mn million people throughout the world to understand the link between the letter X and the fate of subjects. They expose on their paper that everybody with letter X on their both palms were the most impressive individuals they found among 2 Mn topics, that included Russian president Vladimir Putin and Abraham Lincoln.

Individuals with letter Xs on both hands are the strongest characters and their destiny is constantly the finest which never ever requires preparation. While some people might prepare for success all the time, people with “double X” palm do not require any method to flourish.


Italian Hand Gestures

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May 022016

An Italian your guide teaches you everything you need to know about Italian hand gestures.


An important part of learning a foreign language is also mastering body language.

Sergio, an Italian tour guide, explains to some American tourists all the different hand gestures Italians use in every day conversation.

Unsurprisingly, there’s a lot of them.




Acupressure Points On The Hands

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Oct 312015

Acue Pressure Points On The Hands

Western “Acupressure” is coming from the Japanese techniques of Jin Shin Do. In china a similar form of acupressure is developed from a combination of martial art techniques. It involves applying pressure to acu-pressure points through pointing, poking, pinching, knocking, patting and pounding by hand.

In China pointing therapy is often used in healing of joints, muscles and back, but in Western world, it’s often used for relaxation and relief of stress. Thousands of research papers have confirmed the extensive benefits of these techniques.

Hands are one of the most important organs in pointing therapy. There are many important acu-pressure points in the hand; And these points are extensively connected to different organs of the body. As you can see in this figure, these points are easy to find by yourself and you can perform these trigger-point therapy on your hands.



What Your Heart Line Says About You

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May 202015

What Your Heart Line Says About You

If your heart line begins below your middle finger, you’re more of a leader. You’re ambitious, independent, intelligent and have the skill to make decisions. You’re less sensitive and more cold to others.

If your heart line starts between the middle finger and index finger, you’re considerate and kind. You’re hesitant and cautious when other people are involved but people trust you. You use common sense in decisions.

If it starts below the index finger, you’re like A.

If it starts between the index finger and your thumb, you’re patient, caring, have good intentions and are soft-hearted.



What Your Finger Length Says About You

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Apr 232015

Your finger length reveals your personality!

Compare the length of the index finger and ring finger…

A) The charming but pragmatic one.

They say that people in which the ring finger is longer than the index finger are very beautiful in appearance. They radiate with charm that others find irresistible. In addition, they are more aggressive and decisive and it is no problem for them to take a risk. The profession they usually have is: soldier, engineer, chess player and they are also successful in solving crosswords. Scientists have discovered that people with longer ring fingers earn more than people with shorter ring fingers.

A Finger

B) The confident, get-it-done type.

People with shorter ring fingers than the index fingers have a great deal of self-confidence, they are full of them self and arrogant. They enjoy solitude and do not like to be disturbed in their free time. They are not the type of person who will take the first step when it comes to relationships, but they always accept and appreciate the attention they receive.

B Finger

C) The peacenik

Persons in which the length of the ring finger and index finger are the same are peace loving, and feel uncomfortable when they find themselves in a conflict. They are well organized and try to get along with everybody. They are characterized by the fact that they tend to be faithful in a relationship, full of tenderness and caring toward their partners.

C Finger

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Amazing Hand Paintings

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Jun 142014

Amazing Hand Paintings

Amazing Hand Paintings - Snake

Guido Daniele was born in Soverato (Italy) and now lives and works in Milan. He graduated from Brera School of Arts and he has been painting and participating in personal and group art exhibitions since 1968. In 1972 he started working as hyper-realistic illustrator, in co-operation with major editing and advertising companies, using



How To Of The Day: How to Draw Your Hand in 3D

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Jun 092014

Handimania created this video that demonstrates how to draw a hand in 3D.

Today we are so excited to show you our video tutorial for 3D Handprint optical illusion! No matter if your kids are pre-writers or writers, this mesmerizing 3D Handprint optical illusion is great in practicing manual skills and so fun at the same time.

Hope this will inspire you to make a lot of these drawings with your little ones! We’ll be more than happy to see the results of your work, so don’t be shy and share them with us and other handimaniacs.



A Fist Bump Manifesto

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Feb 132014
A Fist Bump Manifesto

Moochelle and Hussein first bump

Do you remember when the New York Times tried to cover for the Moochelle and Hussein first bump back in 2008? They asked the question “is this the end of the high five?“.

Well The Atlantic goes even further by stating that bumping fists has a negative bro-stigma, but it’s better than shaking hands in that it transmits significantly fewer bacteria.

The handshake, its alternative, is unsanitary. The handshake is outdated in most places, born of a time when we might all be expected to be concealing sabers. It would make more sense for us to casually intertwine almost any other part of our bodies with those of strangers, lips and genitals the notable exceptions.

Business is dirty; you don’t have to be. A practical guide to the professional fist bump.