Hat Styles

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Oct 152017

The ultimate hats fashion vocabulary.

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A Beginner’s Guide To Wine

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Sep 112017

A beginner’s guide to wine which digs a little deeper than just the surface. Giving an overview of the terminology used by wine lovers, as well as the correct equipment, this is perfect for any wine or food fans.

A Beginner's Guide To Wine

The Ultimate Towel Folding Guide

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Jul 092017
The practice and study of origami involve various topics relevant to the mathematical field, but you don’t need to be any expert to fold some towels in a nice and different way. Terrys Fabrics shows us how in the following infographic.

The Ultimate Towel Folding Guide


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Understanding Media Spin

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Jan 162017

Understanding Media Spin
A Guide


We all know it exists. The newsreaders, commentators and pundits all attempt to persuade others to accept their own point of view on events. This is what has become known as “media spin”. Some are obvious in their efforts, some are quite subtle. The knowledgeable listener is ever alert to this spinning so below is offered a humble guide to help you in your watchfulness.

Understanding Media Spin

“according to industry experts” “industry leaders acknowledge” — displaced former executives

“it’s widely thought” “it’s common knowledge” — constant repetition in the media has folks thinking it is the truth

“experts generally agree that” — some previously unknown college professors

“according to official sources” — two gals from the secretarial pool

“some in Congress say” — a couple of volunteer campaign workers

“internationally it is agreed that” — two East African diplomats told me

“you may not believe this but” — I don’t believe it but, I want you to

“it is believed that” — I think

“it is generally believed that” — a couple of others think so, too

“a new idea going around suggests that” — this is our latest disinformation scam

“it’s being said that” “people are saying” — we planted the seed and now it is spreading

“one observer has said” — a self-absorbed elitist said

“pundits claim” — two self-absorbed elitists said

“insiders say” — a disgruntled employee told me

“business gurus are telling us that” — overheard on the golf course

“according to The New York Times — the only paper biased enough to run the story


Seasonal Produce Guide

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Jun 052016

Seasonal Produce Guide

Arguments abound for eating seasonally, but it can be a little tricky to keep track of what’s available when. While one could always just take a stroll through the market to find out what’s at its prime, that can make meal planning a bit tricky. Instead, check out this comprehensive glossary, and you’ll know what to expect at your market, what to look forward to in months to come, and what to get your fill of before it’s gone.



An Ultimate Guide To Mould Removal

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Dec 232015

As the weather is to get much colder in the new year it is time to start putting in place a few small measures to protect your home. One of the biggest problems facing people in their homes is Mould. Humidity, dampness, leaks and condensation in the right conditions can cause mould to grow almost anywhere.

Here’s a quick run-down of how to remove mould from some common household surfaces and everyday items. Just another great home improvement tip.

An Ultimate Guide To Mould Removal