Feb 182017

Hanging items on a nail isn’t hard, but it’s always tough to hang something you can’t see. You need the string to thread the nail, but not the wooden frame itself. You could photocopy a template, but your poster or painting might be too big. A simple fork can make the job easier.

Place the fork on the nail, with the handle sticking upwards and the nail going through the middle tines. The handle will be at a slight angle, which is perfect. Thread the painting rear wire or string behind the fork handle, and slide it all the way down to the nail. Then just pull the fork up and out. Voila, you have a perfectly hung painting.



Jan 282017
Trump will never…
  • Trump will never run.
  • Trump will never breach 15%.
  • Trump will never win New Hampshire.
  • Trump will never release his financials.
  • Trump will never breach 25%.
  • Trump will never win SC.
  • Trump will never breach 35%.
  • Trump will never breach 50%.
  • Trump will never reach 1237.
  • Trump will never recover after Wisconsin.
  • Trump will never win unbound delegates.
  • Trump will never recover after Colorado.
  • Trump will never be the nominee.
  • Trump will never predict BREXIT.
  • Trump will never pivot to the GE.
  • Trump will never unify the majority of the GOP.
  • Trump will never beat Clinton in swing states.
  • Trump will never reach 270.
  • Trump will never bring back manufacturing jobs.
  • Trump will never be POTUS.
  • Trump will never repeal Obamacare.
  • Trump’s press secretary will never read this out during a press briefing:

  • Trump will never block the Trans-Pacific Partnership.
  • Trump will never build the Dakota Access Pipeline.
  • Trump will never stop immigration from the Middle East.
  • Trump will never build the wall.
  • Trump will never take action against sanctuary cities.
  • Trump will never deport illegal aliens.

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  • Trump will never stop inner city violence.
  • Trump will never prove he won the Popular Vote.
  • Trump will never abolish Common Core.
  • Trump will never renegotiate our trade deals.
  • Trump will never survive the 4 years.
  • Trump will never win a second term.
  • Trump will never win World War III.
  • Trump will never establish the Earth Federation.
  • Trump will never colonize Space.
  • Trump will never build Mobile Suits.
  • Trump will never defeat the Principality of Zeon.

Trump Will Never

Understanding Media Spin

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Jan 162017

Understanding Media Spin
A Guide


We all know it exists. The newsreaders, commentators and pundits all attempt to persuade others to accept their own point of view on events. This is what has become known as “media spin”. Some are obvious in their efforts, some are quite subtle. The knowledgeable listener is ever alert to this spinning so below is offered a humble guide to help you in your watchfulness.

Understanding Media Spin

“according to industry experts” “industry leaders acknowledge” — displaced former executives

“it’s widely thought” “it’s common knowledge” — constant repetition in the media has folks thinking it is the truth

“experts generally agree that” — some previously unknown college professors

“according to official sources” — two gals from the secretarial pool

“some in Congress say” — a couple of volunteer campaign workers

“internationally it is agreed that” — two East African diplomats told me

“you may not believe this but” — I don’t believe it but, I want you to

“it is believed that” — I think

“it is generally believed that” — a couple of others think so, too

“a new idea going around suggests that” — this is our latest disinformation scam

“it’s being said that” “people are saying” — we planted the seed and now it is spreading

“one observer has said” — a self-absorbed elitist said

“pundits claim” — two self-absorbed elitists said

“insiders say” — a disgruntled employee told me

“business gurus are telling us that” — overheard on the golf course

“according to The New York Times — the only paper biased enough to run the story