Anti-Trump ‘Resistance’ Group Donors Revealed

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Oct 042017

American donors to domestic terrorism revealed!

Anti-Trump 'Resistance' Group Donors Revealed

The hidden donors to a prominent anti-Trump resistance organization are revealed in unredacted tax forms obtained by the Washington Free Beacon.

According to Fox News:

The Center for Community Change, a Washington, D.C.-based 501 (c)(3) progressive community organizing group that does not reveal its donors, has been involved in direct action against President Donald Trump and Republicans before and after the November elections. The organization’s members sit on the boards of other prominent liberal activist groups.

The Free Beacon has obtained the group’s unredacted 2015 tax forms that shed light on its funders, who provide millions of dollars in assistance. The group appears to rely heavily on a few major liberal foundations, organizations, and unions.

The Center for Community Change’s largest contribution was $3,000,000 from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, which was initially created by Will Kellogg, the food manufacturer and founder of Kellogg Company. The Ford Foundation, which was first created by the founders of the Ford Motor Company, added a $2,350,000 donation. The Open Society Foundation, a foundation run by liberal billionaire mega-donor George Soros, gave $1,750,000 to the Center for Community Change.

Other donors to the organization include the California Endowment, which gave $524,500; the Marquerite Casey Foundation, which gave $515,000; Fidelity Charitable Gift, which donated $505,100; and the National Immigration Law Center, which gave $316,000.

Remember when Kellogg Donated BIG MONEY to George Soros’s Open Society Institute and the Tides Center?






1932 Ford Highboy Roadster – Jay Leno’s Garage

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Nov 072014

Bruce Meyer’s Highboy was the first actual hot rod to grace the cover of Hot Rod Magazine – and now it’s immortalized on a Forever Postal Stamp!

At the turn of the century, it was arguably the Honda Civic that best defined inexpensive performance tuning, and in the ’50s it was the Tri-5 Chevys. One of the earliest platforms to gain a huge following among young people looking for a cheap way to go fast was the classic ’32 Ford Highboy Roadster. This week, Jay Leno’s Garage looks at one of the very first vehicles that defined the look of the hot rod heyday.

This ’32 Ford was built in the ’40s and graced the cover of the fourth issue of Hot Rod Magazine back in 1948. All of the hot rods that you see shining at car shows today owe a serious debt of gratitude to this roadster. It bears all of the cues that define the look, including a notched frame and hidden door hinges. Under the three-piece hood is a flathead V8 boasting all sorts of period modifications, including copper cylinder heads. It was seriously fast in its era too, and proved it by reaching 112.21 miles per hour on a dry lakebed in 1947.

These days, this hot rod is on display at the Petersen Automotive Museum. Although, if you can’t make it to California to see it, the United States Postal Service is celebrating this Ford with one of its two hot rod Forever stamps. Like Jay says in the video, in terms of hot rodding, “it all comes back to this.” Check out the video to learn more about this rolling piece of tuning history.

1932 Ford Highboy Roadster - Jay Leno's Garage


Track N Go – Winter Driving Mastery

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Jan 102014

Tire chains? We don’t need no stinking tire chains!

The AD Boivin company has created ‘Track N Go’, the world’s first wheel-driven track system to allow driving through thick snow. It literally turns your vehicle into a snowmobile.

Track N Go is the first ever ”wheel driven track system for pickup trucks”! This innovative and unique system opens the market to an easier utilisation of track system in winter time.

Who would have thought that one day we could install 4 tracks on a vehicle in 15 minutes, while keeping the tires on and without any modifications of this vehicle. Well, after several years of research and development we are proud to present you the Track N Go system: “The first ever wheel driven track system”, an innovation that will make it much easier to use tracks on your vehicles.



Ford Explorer Being Built From LEGOs

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Oct 162011

To inaugurate the new partnership between LEGOland and Ford, engineers built a Ford Explorer out of LEGO bricks for the theme park in Florida. It probably took them a long time to put the 380,000 bricks together, but thanks to time=lapse video, you can watch it in about 90 seconds.


Commercial Of The Day: Ford Drive One Press Conference

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Sep 122011

Pass this on and buy a Ford!

I wasn’t going to buy another car that was bailed out by our government. I was gonna buy from a manufacturer that’s standing on their own, win, lose or draw. That’s what America’s about is, taking the chance to succeed and understanding when you fail, that you’ve gotta pick yourself up and go back to work. Ford is that company for me.

Ford Drive One “Press Conference: Chris” Commerical.

Commercial Of The Day: Coming Home

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Dec 052009

A while ago Ford produced a video of a United States soldier returning home to his parents.

I thought this video would be appreciated by many, as it’s perhaps one of Ford’s best commercials ever aired and it shows their appreciation for our men and women serving in the armed forces.

Ford Sales Strengthen, Automaker to Increase Production

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Jun 302009

So long, Government Motors!

Citing better-than-expected sales and traffic at dealerships, Ford Motor Co. said Monday it plans to increase third-quarter production by 25,000 units, marking the automaker’s second production hike in recent weeks.

Ford spokesman Mark Truby said that will bring total quarterly production to 485,000 units, a year-over-year increase of 16 percent or 67,000 units. Last month the company said it would raise third-quarter production by 42,000 units.

The boost affects all models of Ford, Lincoln, Mercury vehicles, with more emphasis being placed on Mustangs, pickup trucks and the Ford Focus compact car, Truby said.

“We had pretty well lowered production in recent quarters to meet demand,” Truby said. “Now as we’re seeing market share increases and showroom activity, we’re ramping up production to meet that demand.”

The increase comes as Ford’s top sales analyst, George Pipas, said the company’s June sales were “good” compared with the overall industry. The Dearborn, Mich.-based automaker could see a year-over-year decline of 10 to 20 percent, which could be the lowest among all major automakers, he said.

“This will be our lowest decline of this year,” Pipas added.

Automakers, which are due to report June U.S. sales on Wednesday, have seen sales fall 37 percent over the first five months of the year. Pipas said U.S. auto sales may have halted their month-to-month declines in June and could be down less than 30 percent for the first time since September of last year.

As bad as it sounds, a decline of less than 30 percent could be a welcome relief, as automakers and suppliers have trimmed production and other costs to adjust to lower consumer sales.

“The important takeaway is that we’re not going backward, we’re not slipping back,” said Pipas during a sales preview talk with reporters. “It suggests the worst is behind us, not just the economy, but we may have seen the low point for the year.”

Pipas said individual regions of the country are showing sales improvements compared with June 2008, another sign that the auto market has bottomed out and is recovering. While sales in the Great Lakes states are improving, they’re still slow in California and Florida, two areas hit hard by the decline in the housing market, Pipas said.

Pipas joined other industry analysts in predicting that June sales could surpass a 10 million seasonally-adjusted annual selling rate for the first time this year.

Last week J.D. Power and Associates predicted that automakers would sell 914,400 vehicles in June, 26 percent less than in June of last year and 1 percent lower than the 924,064 sold in May.

Pipas said May typically is a stronger sales month than June, but he was unsure if this June would surpass May figures.

He said federal “cash for clunkers” legislation recently signed into law could boost sales later in the year, and noted that consumer confidence is improving, suggesting that the worst is over with the economy and auto sales.

Shares for Ford rose 3 percent, or 17 cents, to close Monday at $5.78.