An Otter Called Iivari

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Dec 272013

A Finnish man makes friends with an Otter called Iivari.


A man in Finland made friends with a wild otter, using the one thing the otter really wants -food! The otter will even come into the house long enough to grab a fish, although he prefers to eat it outside, alone. The guy’s lovely deep voice summons the otter from the water even when it’s covered with ice. By the end of the video, Iiveri is even talking back to him!



Run Run Rudolph: The World of Reindeer Racing

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Dec 202013


Reindeer racing, in which competitors on skis are pulled by reindeer galloping down the snow-covered trail, is a popular sport in Norway, Finland, and Russia. The indigenous Sami people are reindeer herders, and know which are the fastest for the sport. Reindeer that run the fastest are highly prized for breeding purposes, and sometimes reindeer are the actual prize for winning a race!

Variations on the sport include reindeer pulling sleds, and reindeer teams of two or more. In Anchorage, Alaska, people actually race against reindeer, which ends up looking like the running of the bulls in Pamplona.



Snow Swimming

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Apr 262013

Can you drown in competitive snow swimming?

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Nothing says refreshing like taking a quick dip in the snow field.



Race Between Two 90 Years Plus Athletes

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Apr 062013


Emiel Pauwels, 94, represents Belgium. Ilmari Koppinen, 95, runs for Finland. Depending on which news organization you consult, they ran either 60 or 100 meters, either of which is amazing. Place your bets.