Noah Ritter Walks With Dinosaurs

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Jan 192015

This kid will have his own show in no time!

Once Ellen realized that Noah “Apparently Kid” Ritter was a hilarious hit on her talk show, she invited him back for a second round — and to treat him to something special!

In the video above, Ellen sends Noah for a VIP behind-the-scenes tour of the live-action Walking With Dinosaurs show. Noah not only gets to hang out with a paleontologist, but he also gets to meet three different kinds of dinosaurs!

During his visit, a Triceratops sneezes on Noah and scares him away. However, later on he reassured us they were “not real boogers” — they were just water!

It was the gigantic T-Rex that really took Noah’s attention though, especially when the giant robotic dinosaur roared right in his face. Awesome!



Noah Ritter Walks With Dinosaurs

This Kid Is Awesome


Once Again – Their Guy vs. Our Guy

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Nov 102010

Their guy:

Vladimir Putin, the walking, talking, breathing, James Bond villain cliche, drives a Formula 1 car.

Our Guy:

Barack Hussein Obama trying to make conservative voters feel more comfortable by dancing like a white man and throwing a punch like a world class sissy.