The Color Of Feeling Better

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Oct 042017

A pill’s color can affect how it’s judged by patients, how it’s marketed, and even how well it works.

The Color Of Feeling Better

When you take a pill, it makes its way to your stomach where it eventually dissolves. The stuff the pill is made of (or for capsules and the like, the stuff inside the pill) makes its way into your bloodstream. Some cause chemical reactions which block pain, reduce swelling, open blood vessels, or which go to war against infections. Regardless, taking a pill — beyond putting it in your mouth and swallowing — doesn’t take much, if any, thinking. It just works on its own.

Except that it doesn’t. Before we put the pills into our mouths, something happens: we look at what we’re taking. And, perhaps subconsciously, we notice something about the pill that shouldn’t matter:

We see what color the pill is.

The color of the pill shouldn’t affect how effective the pill is, of course — by and large, what a pill’s design is decided only after we determine the pill’s medicinal value. But, studies have shown — here’s one of many — that while we shouldn’t judge a pill by its cover, we can’t help ourselves. It’s a pretty standard example of the placebo effect — we already associate certain colors with certain moods, outcomes, etc., and those associations don’t disappear simply because the colored item is our medication. As a result, different colored pills thrive at reaching different medical goals. The Atlantic shares the basics of the color code:

Blue pills [ . . . ] act best as sedatives. Red and orange are stimulants. Cheery yellows make the most effective antidepressants, while green reduces anxiety and white soothes pain. Brighter colors and embossed brand names further strengthen these effects—a bright yellow pill with the name on its surface, for example, may have a stronger effect than a dull yellow pill without it.

And, as the Atlantic further explains, that color system isn’t universal — our cultural differences can have an impact:

For instance, the sedative power of blue doesn’t work on Italian men. The scientists who discovered this anomaly think it’s due to ‘gli Azzuri’ (the Blues), Italy’s national soccer team—because they associate the color blue with the drama of a match, it actually gets their adrenaline pumping. And yellow’s connotations change in Africa, where it’s associated with better antimalarial drugs, as eye whites can turn yellowish when a person is suffering from the disease.

The good news is that drug manufacturers are aware of this quirk of our consciousness and act accordingly. (That’s why you don’t often see black pills, which we’d associate with darkness, despair, and death.) It’s not foolproof, of course; there’s no way to account for how we, individually, associate colors with the world around us. But the only other solution is to take your pills without looking at them first, and that would be a very, very bad idea.


Pardons Granted By President Barack Hussein Obama (2009-2016)

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Aug 262017

Just a reminder to all the people bashing Trump for pardoning Sheriff Joe Arpaio that Obama has QUITE a large list of pardons! Here it is. Enjoy!

Pardons Granted By President Barack Hussein Obama (2009-2016)

WOW Obama pardoned over 30 coke dealers!


From The United States Department Of Justice:


Joke Of The Day: The Difference Between Oo And oO

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Apr 032017
Joke Of The Day: The Difference Between Oo And oO Two young guys appear in court after being arrested for smoking dope.

The judge says, “You seem like nice young men, and I’d like to give you a second chance instead of jail time.

I want you to go out this weekend and try to convince others of the evils of drug use. I’ll see you back in court Monday.

“On Monday, the judge asks the first guy, “How did you do over the weekend?

“”Well, your honor, I persuaded 17 people to give up drugs forever.

“”Seventeen people? That’s wonderful. How did you do it? ”

“I used a diagram, your honor.

I drew two circles like this: O o.

Then I told them that the big circle is your brain before drugs and the small circle is your brain after drugs.”

“That’s admirable,” says the judge.

Then he turns to the second guy. “And how did you do?”

“Well, your honor, I persuaded 156 people to give up drugs forever.”

“Wow!” says the judge. “156 people! How did you manage to do that?”

“Well, I used a similar diagram,” the guy says.

“I drew two circles like this: o O.

Then I pointed to the little circle and said, ‘This is your asshole before prison.”



Adolf Hitler: Dictator And ‘Super Junkie’

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Feb 242017
Hitler allegedly developed addiction to a heroin-like substance that ruined his veins and could be responsible for his ‘erratic’ actions.

Adolf Hitler: Dictator And 'Super Junkie'

A newly translated German book examines in detail how Hitler during the Second World War relied on a cocktail of animal hormones, vitamins, narcotics, and cocaine.

The article drew on an extract derived from Blitzed: Drugs in Nazi Germany, published in the Daily Mail. Author Norman Ohler wrote the dictator was a “super junkie,” and his favored drug contained oxycodone, known in Germany as Eukodal.

Hitler became hooked eventually on a mix of drugs administered by his personal physician, Theodor Morell, nicknamed the “Reich injection master.”

Morell explained how Hitler would go from fatigue and exhaustion to refreshed and very satisfied after the injection of a combination of newly developed vitamin and hormones.

In addition, he also supplied Hitler’s lover, Eva Braun, with a similar combination and other drugs to suppress her menstruation, so the duo had more time for intimacy. Morell was steadfast regarding the benefits of physical love including extramarital affairs if required. As written in the book, Morell recalled years after the war that Hitler had often canceled medical examinations to hide bodily wounds resulting from Braun’s forceful sexual behavior.

When the Red Army started conquering more territory in late 1944, Hitler became increasingly resistant to the drugs.

His veins were so damaged that veteran drug–injector Morell found difficulty penetrating them, Ohler wrote. The venous skin from so many perforations became scarred, inflamed and a strange shade of brown. Each injection made a new wound that connected with the previous one. It made an elongated, growing crust; what addicts call track marks, reports the Jerusalem Post.

Hitler’s suicide was assisted by drugs, as well, explained the author: with no Eukodal left he chose the bullet.

The book maintains that drugs for Nazis were first tried out with concentration camp prisoners.

In one instance using a cocaine chewing gum, prisoners at Sachsenhausen concentration camp were given very high doses of drugs such as 50 to 100 milligrams of pure cocaine in pill form, Pervitin (akin to crystal meth) as chewing gum, or 20 milligrams of cocaine also supplied as chewing gum.

Prisoners were then forced to march overnight to test the effects. Ohler wrote that after marching seven or eight hours, most stopped marching because of sore feet.

Adolf Hitler: Dictator and Drug Addict

Michelle Obama: Hillary Is On Drugs

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Oct 282016

Hillary Drugs - michelle-obama-hillary-is-on-drugs

According to a White House insider, Michelle revealed that Hillary’s health is in such a poor state that she has to take stimulant drugs in order to survive the exhausting race to become President.

Michelle Obama, widely acknowledged as Hillary Clinton’s most effective campaign surrogate, is concerned that the Democrat presidential nominee’s health is so fragile that she depends on stimulant drugs to get her through the grueling race for the White House.

Both Michelle and Barack Obama have been concerned with the state of Hillary’s health since her presidential campaign began. The Obamas know that Hillary suffers from a slew of severe and debilitating health issues, all of which I have exposed in my latest New York Times bestseller Guilty as Sin.

According to a guest who stayed overnight in the White House and was present in the Family Residence during a discussion of Hillary’s health, Barack Obama and Valerie Jarrett, the president’s chief adviser, agreed with the first lady that Hillary has relied on booster drugs during her campaign rallies and three debates with Donald Trump.

They came to that conclusion after a recent meeting with Hillary in the White House, where Hillary made an effort to persuade the president and first lady to coordinate their public appearances with Robby Mook, the Clinton campaign manager.

When Hillary suggested that the president and the first lady submit their speeches in advance to Mook in order to make sure they were on the same page as Hillary’s campaign, Michelle Obama broke out in derisive laughter.

“Michelle made it plain that she and Barack knew how campaigns work better than Hillary or Mook,” said the source who participated in the discussion. “After all, Barack cleaned Hillary’s clock during the 2008 Democratic Party primaries.

“During the heated discussion over campaign coordination,” the source continued, “Hillary suddenly broke out in a coughing fit. The president offered Hillary a glass of water, but Hillary’s coughing only grew worse.

“The president became so alarmed that he summoned one of the five doctors who rotate on duty 24/7 in the White House Medical Unit. The doctor rushed to the Oval Office.”

While the doctor was administering to Hillary, the president, the first lady and Valerie Jarrett stepped outside and turned the Oval Office over to Hillary and the doctor. After a while, the doctor emerged and told everyone that he was able to stop Hillary’s convulsive coughing and that she was all right.

“The experience left the president and first lady shaken and worried,” said the source. “It was clear to them that Hillary was not well. They know how exhausting and draining a presidential campaign is. Clearly, the Hillary they saw in the White House was different than the Hillary the public has seen during her rallies and in the debates.

“They concluded that there was no way that Hillary could make it through such a demanding ordeal without getting some help from booster drugs.”


Obama: Hillary Clinton “Won’t Stop Drunk Texting Me”