Domino’s Australia Pizza Complaints

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Mar 142014
Domino’s Australia Pizza Complaints

These are all supposedly 100% real complaints from the Domino’s Pizza Australia Facebook page.


Sometimes I forget that white people problems also happen outside of the US. Take Australia, for example. It seems that the Domino’s Pizza Facebook page is rife with instances of pizza issues that just don’t seem all that important. Though for the person typing the complaint, I am sure that it felt like the end of the world.



The Royal Thai Navy Drill Team

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Jan 262014

The Royal Thai Navy performs synchronized drill moves during the Armed Forces Day Parade in Thailand.


A drill team from the Royal Thai Navy performs during a Royal Thai Armed Forces Day event in the Sattahip District of Thailand on January 18th. The impressive choreography is set to “The Final Countdown” by Europe. The choice of “It’s a Small World” may seem a bit strange to American ears, but it probably doesn’t have the same Disney connotation to those who haven’t been to the theme park.



60,000 Dominos

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Jun 142012

Video Description:

In this chain reaction there are 60 big dominos each containing 990 dominos, and a small field of 600 dominos (which says 60,000) to bring the total up to 60,000 dominos used.

The big dominos span about 14 feet across. It took approximately 65.5 hours to complete over 8 days. In the setup footage, the counter changes color on each day.

The entire setup fell in approximately 12 seconds.

Domino Pyramid

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May 292011

This took about 30 hours of actual work, spread over five weeks. And it would have been the biggest 3D domino pyramid in the world made with 13,482 bricks. Would have? Yes! Because when it was more than 96% completed, it toppled all by itself, with just 439 bricks short of completion.