Dec 302017

A Cute And Funny Baby Goats Compilation

Here are some cute baby goats and funny baby goats.

From The Animal Channel:

This is true of almost every species, from dogs to pandas to turtles. But we have to say, out of all the animals in the animal kingdom, goats have some of the cutest babies. If you don’t believe us, check out this video montage of baby goats being cute.

There are tons of great clips in here, and they’re all guaranteed to bring a smile to your face. The kids in this video are learning all about the world, and they’re curious about everything they see. This results in some absolutely adorable moments!



A Boxer Gets A New Human Baby Brother

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Mar 072017

Bonding with the new little brother…

In this adorable video from Gothenburg, Sweden, Astrid, the boxer dog, meets and cuddles with her brand new human sibling for the first time.

“She is an energetic dog who loves people especially kids. She is really sweet and protective of this new pack member.”