Joke Of The Day: The Chinese Construction Worker

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Jan 072015
Rubber Chicken A foreman at a construction site gathers three of his workers: an Irishman, an Italian and a Chinese.

He says to the Irishman, “you’re in charge of Sweeping, I want this whole area swept up before I get back”.

He says to the Italian, “You’re in charge of shoveling. I want that pile shoveled into the truck so they can haul it away.”

He says to the Chinaman, “You’re in charge of supplies. No make sure that all gets done before I get back.”

Three hours later, he returns and none of the work is done.

The Irishman says, “I couldn’t find a broom. You left the China man in charge of supplies and he disappeared.”

The Italian says “And I couldn’t find a shovel”.

So the foreman starts walking and looking for the China man. Just then, the China man jumps out from behind a pillar and screams “SUPPLIES!!”



HGTV: The Shows Are All Exactly The Same

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Mar 032014
HGTV: The Shows Are All Exactly The Same


Check out ‘Open Floor Plan’. The new HGTV show that’s exactly the same as all of the others.

All HGTV Shows are Exactly the Same

Here’s an HGTV parody for all the girls… and all the guys whose wives/girlfriends make them watch it.



Upside Down House In Poland

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Feb 092013

Have you heard the one about the Polish architects who built the upside-down house?


Situated in Szymbark in Poland, the upside down house is essentially exactly what it sounds like – a house that is completely upside down. Apparently just standing inside the building can make you feel dizzy and seasick. One of the world’s most unusual houses and apparently one of the most sickening and disorientating as well!


This Guy Is the Bob Ross of Brick Laying

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Sep 242012

This is mesmerizing!



We never see the mason’s face. He moves smoothly from brick to brick, the trowel an extension of his body, his mind, his artist’s soul. It’s beautiful. But also tragic, as YouTube commenter Trumacron points out:

Just think of all the hard skilled hours that go to waste every time the Cool-aid Man shows up


60,000 Dominos

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Jun 142012

Video Description:

In this chain reaction there are 60 big dominos each containing 990 dominos, and a small field of 600 dominos (which says 60,000) to bring the total up to 60,000 dominos used.

The big dominos span about 14 feet across. It took approximately 65.5 hours to complete over 8 days. In the setup footage, the counter changes color on each day.

The entire setup fell in approximately 12 seconds.

30-story Building Built in 15 Days

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Feb 012012


Video Description:

What can you accomplish in 360 hours?

The Chinese sustainable building company, Broad Group, has yet attempted another impossible feat, building a 30-story tall hotel prototype in 360 hours, after building a 15-story building in a week earlier in 2011.

Japanese Road Repaired SIX Days After it was Destroyed by Quake

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Mar 292011

Wow… repaired in just 6 days! I guess Japan doesn’t have unions.

Are we still rebuilding from Katrina?

Japan’s world-class transportation infrastructure couldn’t withstand this month’s 9.0-magnitutde quake, but their construction teams are still amazing. This stretch of highway was repaired in just six days by a Herculean road crew. This is the triumph of Japanese engineering.

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Joke Of The Day

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Jul 042010

A man walks into a store that specializes in trained monkeys. In amazement, the man walks to a corner and sees a monkey for sale for $5000.

“What does this monkey do?”, asks the man.

The store owner replies, “That’s a laborer monkey, he can set forms, build walls, and shingle roofs.”

“What about this one?”, asks the patron as he motions towards the $20,000 monkey.

“That’s a foreman monkey. He can tell all of your laborer monkeys what to do. Monkeys are a PIA, so you need one that can keep them in line”

“OK, but what does the $50,000 monkey do?”

“He just sits on his ass, drinks beer, and plays computer games. He’s the Project Manager”