How To Of The Day: How To Iron A Dress Shirt

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Dec 192015

Ironing a dress shirt is one of those things most people don’t know how to do right. As no one wants to walk into a meeting looking like you just took the shirt out of the laundry basket, here are some tips from Business Insider and The Art of Manliness for properly using your iron on a dress shirt.

How To Iron A Dress Shirt

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How To Of The Day: How To Roll Up Shirt Sleeves

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Apr 242014


If the simple sleeve roll doesn’t work for you, the Master Sleeve Roll (demonstrated here by Antonio Centeno of Real Men Real Style) will fix this problem by staying firm and looking good doing it. Plus, it’s easier to unfold/unroll too.

As embarrassing as it is for an adult to admit it, I have always struggled with rolled-up sleeves. Either they bunch up at the elbows and are uncomfortable, or they roll down over time if they’re below the elbows. I saw a friend use the Master Sleeve Roll technique at a meeting recently and he pointed me to Centeno’s post. Since then, over the last five attempts, my sleeves have stayed up perfectly.



How To Of The Day: How To Take Off Your T-Shirt

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Apr 192014

You have been doing it all wrong!

CrazyRussianHacker has a tip for taking off your t-shirt very quickly using only one hand. Just tuck your elbow in, grab the underside of the sleeve with the opposite hand and yank it up over your head.

If you want to impress your lady, come home and take off your shirt the super-fast way, with one hand.



Clothing Care Symbols

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Dec 052013

Clothing Care Symbols

Ever look on a clothing tag for laundry instructions only to find a bunch of hieroglyph-like symbols that you can’t decipher? Primer Magazine has a simple chart that shows you what each one means.

Most of them are pretty easy to understand: a crossed out iron means “do not iron,” a crossed out dryer means “do not dry,” and so on. Other symbols are more confusing: a circle means “dry clean,” a triangle means “bleach,” and three dots means “high heat” inside of whatever other symbol is present.



Why Do We Wear Pants?

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Dec 052012

Because of Horses!

Why do we wear pants

The reasons why pants are advantageous when mounted atop a horse should be obvious, nonetheless, many cultures struggled to adapt, even when their very existences were threatened by superior, trouser-clad horseback riders.

Turchin details how the Romans eventually adopted braccae (known to you now as breeches) and documents the troubles a 3rd-century BC Chinese statesman, King Wuling, had getting his warriors to switch to pants from the traditional robes. “It is not that I have any doubt concerning the dress of the Hu,” Wuling told an advisor. “I am afraid that everybody will laugh at me.” Eventually, a different state, the Qin, conquered and unified China. They just so happened to be closest to the mounted barbarians and thus were early to the whole cavalry-and-pants thing.

Turchin speculates that because mounted warriors were generally men of relatively high status, the culture of pants could spread easily throughout male society.

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