School Bus Puzzle

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Jul 152017

The School Bus Puzzle.

You can’t answer this brain teaser, but a preschooler can!


Which way is the bus below traveling?

To the left or to the right?

School Bus Puzzle

Can’t make up your mind?

Look carefully at the picture again.

Still don’t know?

Pre-schoolers all over the United States were shown this picture and asked the same question.

90% of pre-schooler’s gave this answer.

“The bus is traveling to the left”.

When asked, “Why do you think the bus is traveling to the left?”

They answered:


“Because you can’t see the door to get on the bus.”


Joke Of The Day: Oriskany Falls

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Sep 232015
Rubber Chicken The little old lady seated herself right behind the bus driver. Every ten minutes or so she’d pipe up, “Have we reached Oriskany Falls yet, sonny?”

“No, lady, not yet. I’ll let you know,” he replied, time after time.

The hours passed, the old woman kept asking for Oriskany Falls, and finally the little town came into view. Sighing with relief, the driver slammed on the brakes, pulled over and called out, “This is where you get out, lady.”

“Is this Oriskany Falls?”

“YES!” he bellowed. “Get out!”

“Oh, I’m going all the way to Albany, sonny,” she explained sweetly. “It’s just that my daughter told me that when we got this far, I should take my blood pressure pill.”



Dog Rides The Bus To The Park All By Herself

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Jan 152015

Dog Rides The Bus To The Park All By Herself

A Seattle dog rides the bus to the park and gets off at the correct stop all by herself.


Well, here’s something you don’t see every day. A dog in Seattle has learned how to board, ride, and even get off the bus by herself.

In recent weeks, commuters have witnessed a black Labrador on the bus alone, KOMO reported. The friendly dog named Eclipse will even hop onto seats to sit next to strangers.

The dog’s owner, Jeff Young, explained that the tradition of Eclipse riding the bus alone happened one day when the dog grew impatient and left him while he was smoking a cigarette.

Local officials are not thrilled, however, preferring that Eclipse be with her owner on the bus and on a leash.

KOMO reported:

“We get separated. She gets on the bus without me, and I catch up with her at the dog park,” said Jeff Young, who owns the dog. “It’s not hard to get on. She gets on in front of her house and she gets off at the dog park, three or four stops later.”

Young said the tradition has been going on for a while.

“She’s been here the last two years, so she’s been urbanized, totally. She’s a bus-riding, sidewalk-walking dog,” he said. “Probably once a week I get a phone call. ‘Hi. I have your dog Eclipse here on 3rd and Bell,'” he recounted. “I have to tell them, ‘no. She’s fine.’ She knows what she’s doing.”

Young and Eclipse appeared on “Fox and Friends” Wednesday.

“She’s got friends on the bus,” Young said. “She’s made some commuter buddies.”

“It’s worked out alright.”



Deer Gets Hit By Bus, Ends Up Inside

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Jul 262014

This video, from the cameras inside the bus, show it traveling down the road as a deer runs out in front of it. The deer then strikes the windshield, breaking the glass and landing inside the bus.

The bus had been travelling along a the 200 block of Goucher Street in the town of Johnston, in the eastern state of Pennsylvania, when the incident happened.

“I saw something come through the window and then I saw the deer was there,” driver John Porter told local TV station

The deer panicked and jumped around the bus as it tried to get out.

It took about two minutes for the driver to coerce the deer towards the door at the front of the bus, where it made it escape back into the wild.


Worst Driver In Russia

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Mar 092014
Worst Driver In Russia

Remember… always think things through. This person would definitely be an Obama Voter if they lived in America.

The Worst Driver in Russia

Unlucky Russian driver trying to start a car with a trolleybus. Epic towing fail. This is the mother of all towing fails! This is the perfect meanwhile in Russia clip.

Russian driver covertly ties his broken down car to a stopped city bus.


Joke Of The Day: Two Bowling Teams

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Sep 132013

Rubber ChickenTwo bowling teams, one of all Liberals and one of all Conservatives, charter a double-decker bus for a week-end gambling trip to Louisiana . The Conservative team rode on the bottom of the bus, and the Liberal team rode on the top level.

The Conservative team down below really whooped it up, having a great time, when one of them realized he hadn’t heard anything from the Liberals upstairs. He decided to go up and investigate.

When the Conservative reached the top, he found all the Liberals frozen in fear, staring straight ahead at the road, clutching the seats in front of them with white knuckles.

The Conservative asked, “What the heck’s going on up here? We’re having a great time downstairs!”

One of the Liberals looked up at him, swallowed hard and whispered…



Joke Of The Day: I Love A Woman That Does Aerobics

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Oct 232012

Rubber ChickenA woman with really hairy underarms boards a crowded bus.

Unable to find a seat, she settles for hanging onto one of the poles.

A drunk man next to her stares at her for three minutes, then tells her, “I love a woman that does aerobics.”

The woman replies angrily, “I don’t DO aerobics!”

The drunk man then looks at the woman and says, “Then how did you get your leg up so high?”