Oct 032017

WATCH Coach Teaches His Athletes How Not To Disrespect The National Anthem

Virginia Tech Basketball Coach Buzz Williams took his entire team on the court after practice and made them stand in front of Veterans. He TAUGHT them why we stand for the National Anthem.

Make this go Viral.

Thanks to this coach for teaching these talented young people to be MEN. Life is more than Basketball and Football. This team of Americans will prosper in Life well beyond collegiate and or pro sports.






Playing Guitar And Basketball At The Same Time

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Aug 122013


Most people can only do one thing, such as play the guitar or play basketball. You can be decent at both, but the odds are, you can’t meld your talents.

That is, unless you are Ben Lapps.

In his latest video, he dribbles a basketball and even scores a shot, all while playing a guitar solo on his acoustic. He’s so good, his dribbling is in perfect rhythm with his music.



Joke Of The Day: Corporate Sports

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Feb 252013

Rubber ChickenWhen the staff goes out after work, they talk about football or basketball.

When Middle management gets together, they talk about tennis or baseball.

Top management discusses golf.

Conclusion: The higher up you are in management, the smaller your balls are.