Trump: The Coming Landslide

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Oct 152016


The prospect of a Landslide victory for Donald Trump is very real. Don’t believe anything Hillary’s State-run media flying monkeys throw your way.

Let’s look at a few telling facts:

Donald J. Trump got MORE Republican Votes in a primary than any other Republican Candidate EVER in the History of the USA!

His rallies are more than Double that of anyone else in the History of the Republican Party EVER!

The 2 debates between him and Hillary received the Most Viewers EVER in the History of Presidential Debates. That wasn’t because of Hillary, look at her numbers between her and Bernie.

Trump beat 16 other candidates for the Republican nomination. What makes anyone think that Hillary can beat him? Her unfavorable rating among registered voters is 59%.


“Fly my pretties, fly!”


Wallpaper Of The Day: Patriotic Trump

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Oct 062016
Patriotic Trump

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Love him or hate him… One thing is certain, Donald Trump has shown the entire nation irrefutably, explicitly and beyond any shadow of a doubt that the U.S. Government and their media propagandists are corrupt to the core.