Nov 162017

The History Of Air Force Uniforms

In spite of how lovable the movie Top Gun is, there’s much more behind the design of uniforms of those in the United States Air Force than leather jackets and cut-off jean shorts in which they play beach volleyball.

The graphic below shows you everything the civilian needs to know about active uniforms for those serving in the US Air Force. It includes Flight Suits, battle dress, and training attire for all members of this military branch, and ends with patches representing rank.



Here’s How Often You Should Clean Your Stuff

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Nov 022017

Everybody wants to have a clean home, but sometimes it’s hard to know often you should clean certain items.  After reading the chart below, I was pretty surprised how off I was on certain things.  Apparently, I don’t need to wash my jeans so much.

This super helpful chart was put together by Henry Hoover and shows how often you should be washing some of the most common household items.  From sheets to pillows to the refrigerator, this little chart will help keep your house fresh and clean.

Here's How Often You Should Clean Your Stuff



Hat Styles

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Oct 152017

The ultimate hats fashion vocabulary.

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Here’s How Many Insects You’re Eating Every Year

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Sep 252017

You’ve been munching on insect legs and heads for a long, long time.

Here’s How Many Insects You’re Eating Every Year

Are you brave enough to try roasted grasshoppers? It probably wouldn’t be your first meal that contains insects. Odds are, you’ve been eating bugs this whole time—and you just never knew it.

Yep, you read that correctly. According to a new study by Terro, an ant and insect control company, bugs could be in your breakfast… or lunch… or dinner. After analyzing data from the FDA and FAO, Terro found that insect fragments are found in many of the foods that you’d buy at the grocery store (and it’s even legal!)

The highlights? By Food and Drug Administration (FDA) standards, frozen broccoli can have 60 insects per 100 grams (about 1/2 cup), Terro reports. Technically, the average coffee drinker could consume almost 140,000 insect fragments per year. And beetles are the most popular insects eaten globally; they make up 31 percent of bug consumption.

Sounds scary. But wait! Before you toss everything in your pantry, you’ll want to read the fine print.

While the idea of an insect head squished inside your chocolate bar might be pretty gross, it’s totally harmless. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) “allows for a small amount of insect material that is guaranteed safe for human consumption to pass into our food,” Terro writes. “Otherwise, resource costs would be too unmanageable to eliminate all defects from food production.” Not to mention it’s nearly impossible to remove every single bug from food grown on farms.

Thankfully, there’s a lot of nutritional value in insects, too. Mealworms provide more protein than chicken or salmon, and crickets have almost as much iron as red beef, according to Terro’s research. So chow down—if you can stomach it!

Read Terro’s charts above for even more fascinating facts about your insect consumption. And by the way, not to gross you out, but there might be fecal matter in your coffee.


A Beginner’s Guide To Wine

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Sep 112017

A beginner’s guide to wine which digs a little deeper than just the surface. Giving an overview of the terminology used by wine lovers, as well as the correct equipment, this is perfect for any wine or food fans.

A Beginner's Guide To Wine

Symbols Of The Fifty States: Icons Of Culture, History, Nature, And Pride

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Aug 312017

Symbols Of The Fifty States: Icons Of Culture, History, Nature, And Pride

The United States of America. A country of bald eagles, stars and stripes, freedom, and the American dream. In its short history, the nation has developed a rich culture of tradition, history and camaraderie. The same is true for each individual state, too! Each state has an official state bird, animal, fruit, vegetable, tree, plant, etc.! For example, did you know that the state neck wear for the state of Arizona is the bool tie? Did you know that the state insect of the state of Delaware is the ladybug?

There is even some quirky fun facts like the state vegetable of Oklahoma is the watermelon. Yes, the watermelon is widely accepted as a fruit but since it is a part of the cucumber family, they found a loophole! This infographic, beautifully designed by the home improvement experts at, takes you on a freedom fueled trip through the fifty states of the United States of America to meet the official state symbols that makes each state unique.

Symbols Of The Fifty States: Icons Of Culture, History, Nature, And Pride