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The Insurance Policy – An Epoch Graphic Showing The Connections Related To The “Phoney” Trump Dossier

The Insurance Policy To Prevent Trump From Becoming President

What’s contained in the House Intelligence Committee memo on FISA abuses? The amazing graphic below and great in-depth reporting by Epoch Times may provide a hint.

It’s crazy to think that this exact image could be used in history books someday. This WAY bigger than Watergate. In fact, Watergate was a candle, this is 10,000 suns.

A graphic showing the web of connections related to the Trump dossier

The Insurance Policy
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From Epoch Times:

How did a piece of opposition research, described by former FBI Director James Comey as both “salacious and unverified,” become the driving force behind the allegations that Trump colluded with Russian authorities?

Research conducted by The Epoch Times, using public sources, shows a web of connections related to the dossier reaching the highest levels of the FBI, CIA, and the Obama administration.

Paid for by the Clinton Campaign and the DNC, and produced by Fusion GPS—whose other clients include the Russian government—the dossier appears to have been the basis for the FBI’s investigation into Donald Trump.

The FBI used the dossier, in part, to obtain a FISA warrant to spy on Trump’s team, according to national security reporter Sarah Carter. Two of President Barack Obama’s top officials also surveilled the communications of Trump’s team, both before and after the elections.

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Peter Strzok Text To Lisa Page References Plot To Take Out Trump




Where Popular Websites Are Banned Across The World

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Jan 212018

Where Popular Websites Are Banned Across The World

Which countries have blocked popular sites like Facebook, YouTube, Wikipedia, and Twitter? These websites are vital for our day-to-day communication and information-sharing, but they’re not available for access everywhere.

Where Popular Websites Are Banned Across The World
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Jan 072018

All throughout history, there have been adventurers and pioneers breaking into new territories, exploring new lands and breaking new records. History books are littered with ground breaking journeys that changed the shape of the world, from Columbus’ voyage to The New World in 1492, to the first men on the moon in 1969. This infographic looks back at some of the most historic journeys and the effects they have had on the world.

History's Most Significant Journeys

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Horse Breeds

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Dec 142017

Horses: A Chart of Notable Breeds, Pop Chart Lab takes a look at 70 of the world’s most magnificent horses.

Lovingly illustrated and curated by our Research & Design team, this staggering stable of a print diagrams equines of all forms and functions, from the teeny-tiny Falabella to the muscular, majestic Mustang. It behooves us to inform you: pony up and snag one of these beauties quick—they may not be available furlong!

Horse Breeds
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The History Of Air Force Uniforms

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Nov 162017

The History Of Air Force Uniforms

In spite of how lovable the movie Top Gun is, there’s much more behind the design of uniforms of those in the United States Air Force than leather jackets and cut-off jean shorts in which they play beach volleyball.

The graphic below shows you everything the civilian needs to know about active uniforms for those serving in the US Air Force. It includes Flight Suits, battle dress, and training attire for all members of this military branch, and ends with patches representing rank.



Here’s How Often You Should Clean Your Stuff

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Nov 022017

Everybody wants to have a clean home, but sometimes it’s hard to know often you should clean certain items.  After reading the chart below, I was pretty surprised how off I was on certain things.  Apparently, I don’t need to wash my jeans so much.

This super helpful chart was put together by Henry Hoover and shows how often you should be washing some of the most common household items.  From sheets to pillows to the refrigerator, this little chart will help keep your house fresh and clean.

Here's How Often You Should Clean Your Stuff