Sep 132017

How To Of The Day: How To Milk A Cow

From The Art Of Manliness:

For most men and boys-soon-to-be-men, long gone are the days when milking a cow was a chore as common as doing the dishes. Now mostly done by high-tech machines at commercial dairies, the task of milking a cow by hand once brought farmers and their families into close bonds with the animals that helped to feed them every day. If you’re a city dweller, it’s unlikely you’ll come across a situation that demands you milk a cow, save for some post-apocalyptic future where healthy, milk-producing dairy cows are readily available and you’re in desperate need of some ice cream. But that’s not the point. The point is, milking a cow by hand is a tradition deep-rooted in the blood of our agricultural ancestors and learning how to do it is as much about preserving that knowledge as it is about practicing it.

Illustration by Ted Slampyak


How Astronauts Wash Their Hair

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Aug 202017

This Is How Astronauts Wash Their Hair In Space

NASA astronaut Karen Nyberg shows how she washes her long hair in space while living in weightlessness on the International Space Station. Hint: No rinse shampoo is a must.



The Best Way To Clean The Inside Of A Car Windshield

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Aug 012017

This is how it’s done.

The Best Way To Clean The Inside Of A Car Windshield
Cleaning the inside of a car windshield is important to improve visibility. However, because of the angle of the windshield and the position of the dashboard, it can be a challenge to clean it thoroughly. Fortunately, the best way to clean windshield interiors is very inexpensive.

Fill a bowl or pot with warm water. Add a teaspoon of liquid dishwashing liquid and a few drops of water vinegar. Mix thoroughly.

The Best Way To Clean The Inside Of A Car Windshield

Get two microfiber cloths—one to wash, one to dry. Microfiber cloths can be purchased at most supermarkets, auto supply stores and home centers. They are machine washable and reusable.
The Best Way To Clean The Inside Of A Car Windshield

First, dip one microfiber cloth in the cleaning solution and then wring it out.

Next, wipe the wet cloth over the interior surface of the window to thoroughly wash it. For hard-to-reach corners, use a coat hanger or straight-edge (such as a ruler) to help push the cloth into them.

Finally, wipe the windshield dry with the other cloth.

The Best Way To Clean The Inside Of A Car Windshield

Newspaper may be used instead of microfiber cloths. While newspapers don’t leave streaks on interior windshields, they could leave ink residue on your hands.

Other cleaning solutions include commercial window cleaners, such as Windex, or rubbing alcohol.

The Best Way To Clean The Inside Of A Car Windshield

Some interior windshields may develop a thin film, caused by emissions from plastic dashboards. These cleaning methods will remove the residue.

Be sure to clean the dashboard and the exterior windshield at the same time for best results.

The Best Way To Clean The Inside Of A Car Windshield


How To Of The Day: How To Break A Rack In Pool

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Jul 312017

How To Of The Day: How To Break A Rack In Pool

From the rough-and-tumble tables in biker taverns to the low-key games set up at family-friendly pizza joints, pool is a game accessible to just about anyone, regardless of skill level. For most amateur players, the most intimidating part of the game comes at the very beginning, when one player is required to break the rack, which begins with racking the balls well in the first place.

Racking the balls simply means placing them in the frame so that they are all touching each other. If the balls aren’t touching, they won’t break apart correctly, which can disadvantage the player who breaks. Breaking the rack sets up the beginning of the game, and if done correctly, can offer a significant advantage to the player who gets to break. Whenever breaking, always try to use the lightest stick available and make sure to chalk the tip well before you hit your shot.

Illustrated by Ted Slampyak



How To Tell If Your Avocado Is Ripe

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Jul 282017

It’s an art, not a science—but there are some tricks

How to Tell If Your Avocado Is Ripe

There are few feelings of disappointment quite like that of slicing open an avocado only to realize that it’s not yet fully ripe or—even worse—gone totally black and rotten. So how can you tell if an avocado is ripe before you’ve cut into it? There are a few signs your avocado is ripe and ready to eat, and once you know what to look for, you’ll improve your accuracy immensely when it comes time to choose a ripe avocado at the grocery store. I should note here that avocados are fickle fruit, and these tips to tell if your avocado is ready to eat aren’t foolproof. But knowing they’ll definitely make it easier to know when an avocado is worth the $2.50 at the grocery store versus when it’s time to just give up. 

So here are the three things you should look for when trying to find the perfect avocado.

Note the Color

The most obvious indicator of an avocado’s ripeness, especially from far away, is its color. If the avocado is bright green and glossy, it’s unripe. You’re looking for an avocado that’s darker in color—almost a hunter green with a more matte finish. But if it’s a deep, dark shade of black, or the fruit has brown, flaky spots, it’s overripe—and the inside of the avocado is probably speckled with black, too.

Squeeze It

Color alone, however, can’t tell you if an avocado is ripe or not. Sometimes, an avocado that looks underripe, with green specks coming through the darker skin, is actually just right. That’s why you need to pick up the avocado and gently squeeze it. As the experts from the Haas Avocado Board explain, “If the avocado does not yield to gentle pressure it is considered still ‘firm’ and will be ripe in a couple of days.” The avocado shouldn’t feel totally mushy, though; the fruit should still have a bit of structure. Be careful not to squeeze too hard, though, because if you do, you will bruise the fruit, and that doesn’t help anybody.

Check the Stem

If you’ve got an avocado in your hands that feels soft enough but not too soft, looks dark enough without seeming rotten—and you’re still not totally sure if it’s ripe or not, it’s time to check the stem. Erica, the Seattle-based food and gardening blogger behind Northwest Edible Life, told The Kitchn that the best way to know if an avocado is ripe or not is to take the little stem off the top of the fruit. “If it comes away easily and you find green underneath, you’ve got a good avocado that’s ripe and ready to eat.” The stem of an overripe avocado will also come off easily, but it’ll look black underneath. Meanwhile, the stem of an underripe avocado will be a challenge to wiggle off.

It’ll take some practice to learn how to pick the right avocado, but at least you’ll be able to make a lot of guacamole until you perfect your technique. If you’re still in doubt about whether your avocado is ripe enough, you should err on the side of buying an underripe fruit. That way, you can ripen the avocado at home instead of having to throw away an overripe one, which is really the ultimate tragedy.


Three Easy Pen Magic Tricks

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Jul 112017

How to perform 3 easy pen magic tricks – Vanish, Change & Transformation

YouTube magician Oscar Owen shows you how to perform three impressive tricks involving a pen: the Vanish, the Change and the Transformation.

In this tutorial, I break down and explain three simple, easy and visual pen magic tricks. Whilst the skill level required to perform these effects is minimal, you will still need to practice them so that you can perform the moves at speed. The faster these tricks are done, the more deceptive they will be.