Sep 242017

Fort Worth, Texas singer and dad Kris Jones sings his heart out in his very own version of “Tennessee Whiskey” in his truck. His daughter rides along and is understandably impressed while her dad, delivers a stunning rendition of the classic country song.




Sep 072017
Man Looking For A Wife In 1865

We don’t know the provenance of this delightful newspaper ad posted at reddit. We can assume that it was published around 1865, as the young man was a fan of Andy Johnson, or president Andrew Johnson, who served from 1865 (upon the death off Lincoln), was impeached in 1968, and remained in office until 1969. For an 18-year-old, the writer seems to have his life together, but was probably working too hard so far to meet many young woman. When he says he wants to buy waterfalls, he is most likely referring to a waterfall bustle, as was the style at the time. I would bet that he got responses to this ad. The last line makes him seem cute as well as successful.


Lightning Strikes Car, Then it Gets Creepy

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Aug 152017

A car is moving down the street when it is struck by lightning. It seems like forever before the vehicle stops and people get out. It looks like everyone’s okay. The car is still smoking, and so is the spot where the strike hit. Then a huge mob of zombies dressed in black appears out of nowhere and approaches the car to consume the lightly-fried occupants.