Nov 072017

Donna Brazile: I Asked About Dossier Funding Before The Election, “I Was Told I Did Not Need To Know”

Donna Brazile trying to separate herself from the dirt. She will probably commit suicide soon… two shots to the back of the head!

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  • Zappy

    …And that fact tells you all that you need to know, folks.

  • FoxfanNomore

    I love how she dedicated her book to Seth Rich. Zings it right to Clinton, who we all know had the poor man killed.

  • HistoryMatters

    Well there it is folks. Evidence tending to establish “intent” . Just the thing one needs to convict people for fraud. You know – when you misrepresent things to the FBI to start an investigation, or misrepresent things to the public to increase fundraising. There is a reason all those commercials have that disclaimer ” Paid for by___” or “I’m __________and I approve this message.” Who wuddathunk DB would be the one to bring down the house.

  • StarBoard

    When we collude with Russia, it’s Oppo Research.

    When they do Oppo Research, it’s colludin’.