Aug 162017

On the Left, the 1932 flag of the paramilitary wing of the Communist Party of Germany. On the Right, the 2017 flag of the paramilitary wing of the Democratic Party of America.

Antifa Flag Comes Directly From The German Communist Party In 1932

Everything theses Alt-Left thugs use today is exactly the same as back then. Their logo, weaponized words, double standards and lack of logic. Its all from Germany 85 years ago. They call everyone Nazis because that is who their opposition in Germany was. Antifa prefaced The National Socialist German Workers’ Party and empowered them. Without Antifa’s violence the Nazi party would have never won anything.

Antifaschistische Aktion

The first German movement to call itself Antifaschistische Aktion was proclaimed by the German Communist Party (KPD) in their newspaper Rote Fahne in 1932 and held its first rally in Berlin on 10 July 1932, then capital of the Weimar Republic. During the early 1930s amidst rising tensions between Nazis and the communists, Berlin in particular has been the site of regular and often very violent clashes between the two groups. In May 1932, the communist paramilitary organisation Rotfrontkämpferbund had been banned and, following a skirmish between Nazi and communist members in the parliament, the Antifaschistische Aktion was founded to ensure that the communists had still a militant wing to rival the paramilitary organisations of the Nazis. After the forced dissolution in the wake of the Machtergreifung in 1933, the movement was revived during the 1980s.

One of the biggest antifascist campaigns in Germany in recent years was the, ultimately successful, effort to block the annual Nazi-rallies in the east German city of Dresden in Saxony, which had grown into “Europe’s biggest gathering of Nazis”.

In October 2016, the Antifa in Dresden campaigned on the occasion of the anniversary of the reunification of Germany on 3 October for “turning Unity celebrations into a disaster” („Einheitsfeierlichkeiten zum Desaster machen“), to protest this display of new German nationalism, whilst explicitly not ruling out the use of violence.

"Come to us" Poster of Antifaschistische Aktion (1932)
“Come to us” Poster of Antifaschistische Aktion (1932)

The picture below is from the leftist run Wikipedia. This is the description under the picture on Wikipedia:
“Karl-Liebknecht-Haus, the KPD’s headquarters from 1926 to 1933. The KPD leaders were arrested by the Gestapo in this building in January 1933, when Hitler became Chancellor. The plaques on either side of the door recall the building’s history. Today it is the Berlin headquarters of the Left Party.”

"Karl-Liebknecht-Haus, the KPD's headquarters from 1926 to 1933



  • Brutikus32

    You can’t make this shit up!

    • MarcusW

      Yeah a laugh is good You made me laugh with your conclusion

  • SophieA

    Willful ignorance is no excuse. Clearly the antifa side are the fascists. They don’t even attempt to hide their colors.

    • Ingold Inglorion

      They are protected by the Democrats AND the media. And I guess the police, who just stand down whenever they appear.

      • Kevin Cosner

        The police are too busy protecting……..their Pensions.

        • we call that group think. I guess Jeffery Dalmer’s buddies also followed his orders, eh? Just blind leading the blind.

          • Kevin Cosner

            The police will be fired or worse, put in Jail by their bossy Mayors. It is tha Dem Mayors who are ordering the stand downs. Those Dems Mayors want violence to happen.

          • We were lucky for many years to have Sheriff Joe and his deputies watching our backs here Maricopa county. We’ll see today in Phoenix how our idiot Dim mayor handles things and how our LE responds now that we have a Dim sheriff too.

          • Karl Krautner

            Another overweight, 16-going-on-55 attention whore with absolutely no idea about the law, the constitution or anything she claims to “protect” by dragging her fat ass to any photo op she can find.

          • Awww,,,, another childish liberal who lacks the balls to post their own pic and offers nothing but weak insults to those who do. I would try to give a damn what you think but you’re too insignificant for me to care. LOL

          • Karl Krautner

            It is always funny to read about “balls” from a person born without. To confuse attention-whoring with courage is almost as funny. But the most hilarious part is of course the overall idea of an angry post to the poster “to insignificant for me to care. LOL”

            Also, love your old little Nazi moniker “XAmericanPrideX”. So cuuuute… ;)

          • Poor thing. Your really need to work on your reading comprehension if you truly think that my post was angry. To confuse pity with anger is what’s funny ;o)

          • Kevin Cosner

            Maybe I did not make myself clear enough, the Police have to take orders from these Dem Mayors and if Police do not follow them , they will be fired or worse, being put in Jail. I will back the Police, not their Dem bosses. I will back the men in Blue every time.

          • SomeGuyNamedGabbo

            Jefferey Dalmer’s buddies followed his orders?

            So many things wrong with this statement.

      • Jerome Trusty

        Does that mean that the White Supremacists Groups and the Citizen’s Councils are/were protected by the Republicans (all Republicans) AND the Media (all Media; Main Stream or otherwise) and the Police (all Police) just stood down/stand down whenever they appeared/appear as well, Ingold Inglorion? The Statement you made and the Question I put forth (If it wasn’t rhetorical) have a modicum of Truth and a Butt Load of Idiocy! Fascism: often capitalized : a political philosophy, movement, or regime (such as that of the Fascisti) that exalts nation and often race above the individual and that stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition. Sound vaguely familiar?

        • J.W. Bowers Jr.

          Yup! Sounds just like Liberals.

      • ratnn

        Only in Democrat (BOLOSHEVIK Amerika) controlled jurisdictions..

    • Annika Wolff

      No… they are Communists!!

      • SophieA

        Never said they aren’t communists. A fascist by another name still smells rotten. Call them what you will. Their actions are still evil regardless your label du jour.

        • MarvLS1

          The word is totalitarian. Left or Right, it’s the same thing.

          We who support the MAGA agenda are neither. We are for freedom – which is the antithesis of tyranny and totalitarianism – that’s why they hate us.

          • SophieA

            Thanks. You said what I tried to say so much better. I’ll make a note.

    • David McElroy

      Antifa is communist, the Democrat paramilitary. Like Stalin’s goons, Antifa uses some of the same tactics that the fascists do. Yes, they behave like Hitler’s Brownshirts. But their ideology is communist!

      • SophieA

        Never said they are Nazis. Fascist is as fascist does. Or a fascist by another name still smells as rotten.

      • As well as Mao’s ‘Red Youth Army’

      • George Soros created, and funded dummies. He is NAZI which are antiGOD and thus anti Democracy.

    • MarvLS1

      They’re “anti”-fascist, which means they are on the opposite side of the scale from the fascists – that means they are Communists, which is just as bad. Both the left and the right are totalitarians. Half-way between the left and the right are the RINO (i.e. fake) Republicans and the Democrats.

      True (small “R”) republicans, conservatives and libertarians are not part of the Left/Right paradigm.

      Antifa labels Trump and his supporters as “Nazis,” but he and we are not, and they know it.

      The biggest obstacle to the left is NOT the right, their biggest obstacle is freedom-loving, constitutionalist Americans. Government of the people, by the people and for the people is the DEATH of tyrants, and that’s why Antifa is trying to demonize and destroy the MAGA agenda.

      Obama and Soros are behind this subversive attack on freedom. Make no mistake about it.

      • loldirtsheets

        nazis were leftists, their insults don’t even make any sense.

        • Kevin Cosner

          Retards are like that.

        • New York

          They were a blend of right and left, like Italian Fascism. From the left they took welfare and anti-Capitalism, from the right they took nationalism and a hierarchical society.

          • Nationalism is a product of the French Revolution, so I don’t know how iit is upposed the be “on the right “

          • New York

            I guess because pure left wingism ultimately puts class above nationality. I didn’t come up with this labeling system, so don’t blame me.

        • Jerome Trusty

          Nazis were and are also Christians; of which there are 40 recognized Denominations. Fascist, Nazi, Leftist, Rightist, Centrist or any other title or label in between doesn’t abdicate one’s responsibility to be a decent Human Being to all People.

          • ratnn

            Yea, and the Bolshevik Commie anti fa past and present are JEWS! IE,Money changer,s Hollywood, Media,central Bankers, Oligarchs of business etc. etc. etc.

      • Jerome Trusty

        Oh, get off President Obama’s Penis! President Obama couldn’t have his Bowels passed by Congress for 8 years. Let alone influence Subversive Attacks on Freedom. After having followed the outgoing Republican Administration’s Agenda (Too Big to Fail Bailout) but Pres. “Obama and Soros are behind this Subversive Attack on Freedom”. GTFOH! Who’s Freedom? What Freedom? I feel Antifa, like many other individuals, labels Nazis as “Nazis” and President Trump as a petulant elitist Child. President Trump by birth and association is Jewish as was his Father! He is labeled and called a Fascist not a Nazis even though Fascists and Nazis were on the same side in White World War 2 and were virtually identical in purpose and ideology; to conquer and dominate all others.

        • ratnn

          I hope to see more rubber bullet shots to the nuts of a crowd that can’t use their nuts anyway,except to tea bag their fellow Antifa butt buddies! Antifa a bunch of Peter puffers like Lindsey Graham.

      • Brian Tasker

        Look who’s pretending to be Nazi’s these days… Because they can’t find enough real ones?

        Then again, viewing the wrong photos could get you incarcerated at Taxpayers expense…

        We just need photos of Jews shaking hands with Hitler… There must be some somewhere?

    • Kevin Cosner

      Fascists….Communists…what difference does it make? Said Hillary.

      • SophieA

        What’s wrong with you? What I said is that violence is horrible under any banner because all fascists and communists because they want to destroy our freedoms. I do not deserve your mockery by equating my disgust for senseless violence from these groups (even though I conflated the two) with the evil HRC who let four Americans die on foreign soil. You should be ashamed.

        • Kevin Cosner

          It was a joke. I apologize. The joke was that Hillary does not care who kills you. Commies, Fascists, she doesn’t care as long as you end up dead.

          • SophieA

            Thanks for your apology and explanation. It’s difficult on these comment threads to catch nuances of our language especially sarcastic humor.

          • Kevin Cosner

            “It’s difficult on these comment threads to catch nuances of our language especially sarcastic humor”
            That is because sarcasm usually comes with inflection in the voice. I get burned by that too. I believe I have encountered you before in discussions and I know you are a smart girl. Thank you for accepting my apology.

          • SophieA

            No problem. Glad we got it sorted. One never knows if one has encountered a troll. This time I met a friend. I look forward to meeting you on other discussions now I better understand your writing style.

          • Karl Krautner

            That is even more idiotic, since that statement (“What does it matter at this time”) was not meant at all to suggest “it doesn’t matter who kills you.” It was meant to point out the politically motivated nonsense question about Susan Rice’s statement regarding the alleged protest. Her response was that now, after the fact, it doesn’t matter who knew what within hours afterwards, but that it be determined now who was indeed responsible and to prevent it in the future. HDS

          • Kevin Cosner

            It was a bad joke, besides I was not talking to you or asking for a play by play analysis.
            It was a bad joke…..leave it at that.

          • Karl Krautner

            This is a public forum and I damn-well answer whatever post I please. Moreover, I’m not interested in what you are “asking for.” The point is that you ilk’s fascination with this out-of-context line of Hillary’s and Hillary after the election she lost in general is bordering on obsession (HDS).

          • Kevin Cosner

            We can talk about Hillary all we want. This is a public forum as you stated. A joke using Hillary, as part of it, is an obsession? Seriously? Talk about a drama queen. Hillary has been a joke since the 90’s.

          • Karl Krautner

            I did not say that you cannot, though I think it shows how little you have to say to the actual topic and how much you feel the need to detract.. I also did not say it IS and obsession, but rather bordering on one. But I think we already established that you suffer issues with your reading comprehension.

        • Karl Krautner

          Given your nonsense statement about Antifa being “Fascists”, you deserve all the mockery one can muster.

    • Jerome Trusty

      Willful Ignorance IS no excuse. Neither is Willful Opinionated Ignorance. I didn’t know anything about the Antifa Group or what they espouse and am not ashamed to admit it. Now I know. I know Antifa history and know why it opposes the implied and inferred idea of White Supremacy in America and not that of White Power or White Pride in America.

    • Karl Krautner

      Clearly, you are an idiot. Reading an article that clearly states that Antifa evolved from the fight of German Communists against the fascist Nazis, you clearly brainfarted that Antifa are the fascists. Well done, Nazi apologetic. Have you picked your tree, yet?

      • SophieA

        More conversation with you will infect my brain. Troll

        • Karl Krautner

          Yes, it surely will and we can’t have you being infected by logic, can we? Also, You didn’t have any conversation with me. I pointed our your idiocy and you non-responded to avoid having to defend or retract your nonsense statement.

  • Mark Anderson

    Reminds of the colors indicated on political slogans of Obama back in 2008! Ha!

  • Awaiting moderation

    You can bet the ADL is somehow behind ANTIFA, as they have been behind social engineering in the United States for decades. Anti-Communism is anti-Semitism.

    • Michael Duberson

      Soros is the right hand man of the Rothschilds, just like Schiff, for the founding of the Federal Reserve in 1913.

  • ALberto

    So a paid crises actor wearing an SS tee shirt and Nazi helmet is actually a Fascist? Interesting.

    • NazdaPokmov

      No ANTIFA is the enemy….. NOT the WN’s…..

  • NazdaPokmov

    And look at the RED fist with the RED star smashing the Nazi swastika…..this is nothing but a full blown COMMUNIST PARTY….that hill, bozo, soros, etc all condone.

    WAKE UP….they are the enemy…NOT the whites fighting to keep our country free of them. The communists were jews who took down Russian and killed their Czar. Now 100 years later they are trying to kill our nation like they did Russia…

    • James Drzewiecki
      • NazdaPokmov

        And this is the wonderful person that Bill and Hill adores….!!!

      • NazdaPokmov

        He needs to be deporte or shot.

        • Takiwa

          Seize all his assets and put him in jail. Allow him no representation as an enemy of the state, using the NDAA/Patriot Act that Obama signed. Sweet and ironic.

          • if ANYONE deserves to have Federal Asset Forfeiture its the real life Bond villain G. Soros!!!

        • TuttleCrk

          Forget the choice, we know which one it should be.

        • Kevin Cosner

          Release the Hounds!

      • richardwicks

        I’d like the issue of this supposed NewsWeek article.

        Soros isn’t so stupid as to say this, I doubt. It’s easy enough for me to go down to my local library and check this.

      • paul hughes

        The most starving people in Africa could not stomach eating shit like soros

    • Le Ruse

      Will this be the future of white American children, made possible with the help of those people in the photo above ??
      Humm ?? Could be ??..

      • NazdaPokmov

        But the jews always have a huge excuse for this atrocity….they keep saying it was the “other’ jews that did this….

        • Le Ruse

          Yea ??? Which other Jews ?? & what the Jews have done to STOP the other Jews ??

          • NazdaPokmov

            The Other jews are not stopped by the other jews….they just mouth again and again we didn’t do it…..they did it…so don’t blame us.

        • Gerry Gagnon

          Stalin wasn’t Jewish…

          • Sallie Ann

            Horseturds…….HE WAS A JEW. The history books say he was. His real
            last name actually means son of a jewish man. TROLL…. He has been
            billed time and time again as one of the worst jewish mass murderers of
            ALL TIME….

    • Hulkamania

      Where the hell did all of these communist come from all of a sudden.

      • Sallie Ann

        They have been here for years…..where have you been. They are not just coming out of the closet wearing their mom’s high heels and dresses and they are named Democrats….unless you haven’t been paying attention to this. They even are running as COMMUNISTS in California in campaigns for public offices!!! Where is Senator Joe McCarthy when you need him?

  • NazdaPokmov

    Hitler fought against Russia and the Communists!!! At the time it was called the Soviet Union. Even General Patton was quoted as saying “we fought the WRONG enemy”…..meaning Germany not Russia. He detested the Jews and knew that the jews had killed the Czar in 1917 and turned the country into a Communist gulag. Jews are either Communists or Zionists. There is no room for democracy with them

    • Michael Duberson

      Yes, but you can’t blame all Jews. Many Jews are opposed to the wars Netanyahoo is promoting, like the Hasidic Jews of America. When we blame all Jews, we subscribe to divide and conquer.. But you are right, Zionist Jews killed Czar Nicholas II in 1922 because he reneged on his promise to give the Rothschild’s their central bank. Rothschild means “red shield”. The communists were the “reds”. Most people never figured out the riddle.

      Kennedy was killed because he printed $500,000,000 in silver certificates in 1963. Then they killed his brother. How come nobody ever ‘offs’ a Rothschild?

      • Jønathan Stanwood

        * Czar Nicholas died in 1918.

      • arnieus

        Truth tellers must be carful of false stories. G. Edward Griffin and James Corbett debunked this theory. JFK was killed (not by Oswald) for a number of reasons but this is not one of them. Griffin a well known researcher author and critic of the FED. Please watch.

      • Jerome Trusty

        To ask the “How come…” Rothchild Question is to answer the “How come…”Rothchild Question! Money Talks and those who has the most Money speaks the loudest. The Rothschild Name: German and Jewish (Ashkenazic): habitational name from a house distinguished with a red sign (Middle High German rot ‘red’ + schilt ‘sign’, ‘shield’), the earliest recorded example dating from the 13th century. The famous banking family of this name took it from a house so marked in the Jewish quarter of Frankfurt-am-Main, but the name has also been adopted by many Ashkenazic Jews unrelated to the family. In Britain the surname is normally given the spelling pronunciation ‘Roths-child’; the original pronunciation is ‘Rote-shilt’.

      • Brian Tasker

        Complicit by association. Not speaking out, should be enough to consider the guilt of knowing. Of course the fact, for all intents and purposes, Jews are all member’s of a criminal gang. Consequently it is not very likely they are going to “rat” on their brother’s and sister’s.

    • you mean the JINO Kosher Mafia

    • Kevin Cosner

      If you would have said “Liberal Atheist Jews”, I might have agreed with you.

    • Gerry Gagnon

      Josef Stalin wasn’t Jewish…

      • Sallie Ann

        Horseturds…….HE WAS A JEW. The history books say he was. His real last name actually means son of a jewish man. TROLL…. He has been billed time and time again as one of the worst jewish mass murderers of ALL TIME.

  • Awaiting moderation

    Besides George Soros dollars, the ADL is behind ANTIFA’s uprise in America. They are the masters of the agents provocateur.

    • Michael Duberson

      “The more things change, the more they stay the same.”

    • top dude behind all of this is #George Herbert Walker Bush. Confirmed. that is why you people lose, you cannot ID the correct stuff.

  • Le Ruse

    You mean that flag ? Surely ???

    • Kevin Cosner

      I am not use to seeing their weapon of choice in their hand. They typically keep it “holstered” somewhere else. How come that hand looks so shaky? OOOOHHHH! Never mind.

    • thorninyourside

      Put that on a Flag & bring it to a Demonstration…

  • Zaphod Braden

    Coming to America —

    HOLODOMOR : The famine-genocide of Ukraine, 1932-1933. In June of 1933, at the height of The Holodomor, 28,000 men, women and children in Ukraine were dying each day. The intentions were clear, genocide of the CHRISTIAN peasants. Holodomor is the name given to the mass starvation in the Ukrainian Famine of 1932-33. Occurring between the Russian Revolution and the Second World War …

    The Great Purge under Stalin 1937-38. … the Great Purge encompassed the entire Soviet Union and all categories of people. Out of 388 members of the new revolutionary government in Russia, only sixteen were real Russians. “Apart from one negro,” we are told, “the rest were Jews.”

    Of the 502 highest officers of the 1917 First Soviet Socialist Government, 467 were Jews. Alexandr Solzenitzyn writes in his last book on the history of Russia that the Jews murdered over 66 million Russians. Marx, Engels, Trotsky, Bakunum, Lenin, Stalin, Kruschev, and others were all Jews by two or at least one parent. All the prison camps, torture chambers, gulags, etc were all commanded and run by Jews.

    The Jews’ 1933 declaration of war on Germany was no mere bluff or empty threat. Jews were an active internal enemy. At home, alert Germans had already seen the bloody Jewish revolution of 1918-1919 that installed the secessionist Judeo-Communist Bavarian Soviet Republic. While Germany was trying to fight World War 1, subversive Jewish revolutionaries like Kurt Eisner, Gustav Landauer, Ernst Toller, and Eugen Leviné were murdering innocent Germans at home. By the time the Jews formally declared war on Germany in 1933, Germans had already seen millions die in the Jewish-led-and-funded Communist revolutions of the early twentieth century in Russia, Hungary, Bavaria, and elsewhere in Europe. There was a holocaust of over 60 million at the hands of Judeo-Bolshevism. why Hitler hated Jews

    To understand the ancient historical pattern of Jewish subversion and treachery, see Dr. E. Michael Jones’ thoroughly referenced and authoritative 1,200 page book The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit and Its Impact on World History, ISBN 9780929891071.

    Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn: “You must understand. The leading Bolsheviks who took over Russia were not Russians. They hated Russians. They Hated Christians. Driven by ethnic hatred they tortured and slaughtered millions of Russians without a shred of human remorse…More of my countrymen suffered horrific crimes at their blood- stained hands than any people or nation ever suffered in the entirety of human history. It cannot be overstated. Bolshevism committed the greatest human slaughter of all time. The fact that most of the world is ignorant and uncaring about this enormous crime is proof that the global media is in the hands of its perpetrators.”

    • owr

      This is an excellent history lesson. It is a shame world history is not truly taught in our public high schools. Socialist peddle our text-books to boards of education, and today most educational professionals received a socialist education in the universities that granted them their teaching credentials.” To the victors go the spoils”

    • Gerry Gagnon

      I’m assuming ‘Bakunum’ refers to Nicolai Bakunin, the 19th century Anarchist who was Karl Marx’s staunchest OPPONENT, and who argued vociferously AGAINST totalitarian communism, as well as having NOTHING to do with Bolshevism…

      As for Lenin, evidence didn’t surface until after his death concerning a Jewish maternal grandmother. There’s no evidence he was aware of this, much less influenced by it…

      And where did you get the idea that Khrushchev was Jewish?

      Oh, and as for Friedrich Engels, “All of
      Engels’ ancestors going back to his paternal great-grandparents and maternal
      grandparents were then Gentile and there is no evidence of any Jewish ancestry
      in either line. Thus we must conclude that Engels was not Jewish in any way,
      shape or form.”

      But hey — that does leave you with Marx and Trotsky, right? … Both of whom constantly and publicly tried to disassociate themselves from Judaism…

      • Zaphod Braden

        Blowing Smoke

  • Da vid

    DNC is communist 100%

  • MarcusW

    Hah these antifa is just militant communists. Just as Isil is militant Muslims. And so the real enemy to them is the middle-class that want to build a good life and own something. It’s more obvious if you meet them in a country where there is very little opposition to them. They want the state to pay to all a small citizen’s salary and that no one shall be allowed to own more than anyone else. They are even against the family as a constitution. In other words useful idiots for the deep state and their interest in global domination and a global governance.

  • JewSoap1488

    Hitler did nothing wrong.

  • MarvLS1

    We need to separate ourselves from the Left/Right paradigm. Both are totalitarians.

    Trump and those of us who voted for him are neither left nor right, we are for liberty and limited constitutional government.

    Antifa, like Occupy, and fake “Nazi” groups like UTR (which is led by an Occupy activist and Obama supporter) are all the footsoldiers of Obama and Soros who are desperately trying to prevent America from becoming great again because that would be the death of their globalist totalitarian dreams.

  • JustCuriosity

    Good article. I have posted on our site. I was told yesterday . . .

    Hollis Mulwray a day ago
    It must really get to you that fully 97% of Americans have no idea who George Soros is. While you’re at it, you should bring up Saul Alinsky. I think maybe 2% of Americans are familiar with him. I’d say these two live in your head rent free, but we all know your head is vacant.

    I’m doing my “fair share” in informing people . . .

  • L Garou

    I’ll take a fascist over a communist every day of the week and twice on Sunday..

    • thorninyourside

      ANTIFA are both…

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  • #DonaldTrump needs to
    throw out of the USA all Top #KKK Members. They Represent Slavery and
    Oppressoin !+ 1












    et al.

    What is going on Awan
    Flee and arrest cover up was

    the last straw for
    #911Operator Robert Meuller, and he has been getting ‘secret’ letters form
    Donald Trump. So we, none of us, have
    any access to these ‘secret’ deals. However, we do know Trump’s Leonic Fire and
    his total domination of these values and I believe a Stick was placed
    at the Temple Trump just the same time Clinton’s flee to Canada, John Podesta
    flees to Norway and Charlottesville is final piece of the car episode set up
    for the #deepsemitestate win. ! So two weeks ago we have secret sources saying Bannon, then,
    two weeks ago form I composing this put in his resignation letter, thus
    officially two weeks ago ending the
    #Trump Populace Election Team.
    His send off was more then less lukewarm as well. What is going on
    #spook . Rubio, Cruz, and many other GOP variety of Republicans have also been
    Sticked to the Temple. Codex Obumikis.
    White sissys cannot control their black masters who are warmongers,
    child molesters, Demons, AntiChrists , welfare warriors , Mafioso half afro
    breeds, quarter wit, corrupted, anti family, group sex family oriented and just
    anti white in its soul? The USA has less
    real whites than blacks and browns and these groups want ALL white out,
    regardless of a white or yellish Judean or a standard Nordic white or English
    Arab white mix , like Angelo Saxon, which has Italian , part of afro influence
    and thus enemies of white white irish
    scot. So two weeks ago all this takes
    place and that is when the Sun’s
    position hit exactly for the 1947AD
    Pluto over Pilled-up Corpses of politicians position, circa 150BC hannic korean
    astre texts and on schedule for an ending. Robert Meuller found out he had
    nothing, the letters between Trump and He were kept Secret but this sham thing
    has gone on so long that Trump could cause a stir publically and so DeepState
    had to openly Stick his temple and Bannan had to go and now it works for the
    enemy of the United States of America. DeepState had no allegiance
    to anything but a global baby raping outfit. ArcMichael 9:53 pm
    NorthHollywood. #bookoflife #arcmichael

  • The_Donald_2016
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  • Stephanie Johanesen

    Wait a minute, so being against fascism… is bad?

    • thorninyourside

      ANTIFA are Fascists…so are NAZIS & BLM too…

      I’m against ALL of them…

      • Stephanie Johanesen

        Here, let me save you a trip to the dictionary/wikepedia, because you clearly don’t know what fascism means.

        Fascism: often capitalized : a political philosophy, movement, or regime (such as that of the Fascisti) that exalts nation and often race above the individual and that stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition.

        • thorninyourside

          YES!!!…Thanks for Defining ANTIFA/BLM…

        • Delilah

          They’re Communists. If you don’t know why Communists are bad for the country, go move to China to find out why….

          • Stephanie Johanesen

            You are politically illiterate. Most of these commenters are. And historically retarded.

          • Delilah

            That’s what all you Communists say when you don’t want people to discover what you really are….dirty Commies.

          • Gaylibtardsnowflake

            Rather be a dirty commie than a gullible yet stupid trump supporter. At least we don’t live in trailer parks sprinkled over fly over country, we reside in world class cities like NYC, LA etc, you know the ones…the ones who send you our tax dollars to support the govt welfare programs you all relie on

    • Gerry Gagnon

      No, but practicing fascist thug tactics while supposedly fighting it, is….

  • Jerome Trusty

    Communist, Racist, Socialist, Marxist, Capitalist, Supremacist, Cartoonist. What in a Name or a Color Scheme? I don’t care as long as MY concerns are addressed and I’m treated fairly. Names never hurt anyone. People do! And make no mistake; we know who the true Fascists are. The Swastika originally espoused a totally meaning as does the Antifa Group and it’s 2017 Flag!

  • Delilah

    Look what else Antifa has, the Communist sign of the sickle and the hammer:

  • Delilah

    This Antifa shirt represents the Communist leader, Arditi del Popolo. You will be hearing his name quite a bit when you become more familiar with Antifa logo:

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  • Sam Houston

    The blm, occupy, bds and their parent organization antifa, are in sharp violation of several Federal Laws under 18 U.S. Code Chapter 115 – TREASON, SEDITION, AND SUBVERSIVE ACTIVITIES

    • NoBS NoSpam

      Occupy Wall Street was born from ex-Acorn employees.
      Then they branched from there to the monstrosity it is today.

      Acorn had direct links to Obama.

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  • Kathy Johnstone

    Yep! I simply call the modern day Antifa “fascists” Anti First Amendment basement dwellers. Compliments of George Soros Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. Accuse others of what you actually are. Progressive Commie filth.. they control their “useful idiots” they are convinced they are revolutionaries. Which they aren’t. Most likely on some kind of ADHD or Bi polar medication/ psychotropic mood stabilizer, Anti depressant etc. Most likely “virtually” indoctrinated. They are indeed reminiscent of what you would normally call anti social basement dwellers living half their lives in virtual reality. Extremely vulnerable to this type of brainwashing.