Aug 132017

Was “Unite the Right” a Soros-funded Psychological Operation? Was the goal to employ the “Pied Piper” strategy to damage the Republican brand by insinuating that Antifa goons disguised as Nazis represent the views of the entire Right Wing in America? (Is this what Creamer and Democracy Partners have been up to lately?)

Was "Unite The Right" A Staged Media Event?

This whole event feels staged.

Lets look at a few things:

  • The protesters show up with all the same TIKI torches.
  • All the same, brand new flags fresh out the wrapper. Still with the packaging folds.
  • The Mainstream Media is there and many Antifa protesters are there yet Trump supporters haven’t heard of this rally.
  • The media showed the protesters as Trump supporters and sure enough the protesters fit their view of Trump supporters and are completely different than supporters you see at actual Trump rallies.
  • Who paid for this?
  • Who got the permits for this?
  • How did all the people protesting arrive at the rally?

Just seems to fake and fits the media narrative far to well.

The media and the left are continually losing all the time at everything, then all of the sudden everything fits their narrative one day. They have so much to report on now. How convenient.

This smells of Soros, Hillary and Obama!

This rally was allegedly held over in large part to a removal of a Robert E. Lee statue in town. So why are people with Nazi swastika flags even in attendance? Unless you know, the flags have that “fresh out of the package just unfolded” look to them that were handed out to the paid protesters.

Paid Protesters


Confederate, Nazi flags, White Hoods. Heil Hitler salutes by men dressed basically the same. What did you not see? American flags. Have you ever seen a Trump rally without an American flag?

Let’s trace this event back to its origins.

Start with the Wikipedia page:

It cites this article about expectations for the rally on 2017-07-21:

That article has a “related article link” back to 2017-06-05:

Read those articles, and you can see the origins. The original application was submitted by Jason Kessler, on behalf of “Unity and Security for America”.

The event was subsequently announced on Facebook by the “Traditionalist Workers Party”.

Hopefully, that’s enough breadcrumbs to get people started on finding the true origins of this “Unite the Right” rally.


  • free thinking

    Shared on youtube

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  • Buffalobob

    Beware of cowboy dressed up as Indians.

  • Gen Peffley

    So David Duke and Richard Spencer were in on it? Or were they just fooled by it?

    • KeithinKy

      Useful idiots???

    • Jerry Weaver

      Duke is controlled opposition. Alleged to be on the payroll o the FBI. The forever patsy of the Nationalist threat.

    • Zoran Pocuca

      David Dike,pardon,Duke, got his doctorate in Ukraine where true Neo Nazis toppled democratically(regardless of how abhorrent but nonetheless democratically) elected government…and it all started with Tiki torches and Neonatzis and Svoboda character…just ask Obama and McCain…

      • Zoran Pocuca

        …so the true question is how much of a true “white” ideology and true “white” interests David Duke is truly promoting or is he more of a detriment for it and actually just another deep state provocateur because his ideology matches more Democrat policies as well as fascist(leftist) policies of strong state…BTW I could be mistaken but did it not some David Duke try to run for president of USofA in the ’80s as a DEMOCRAT

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  • txfella

    Fits the template. Far too organized to be White Supremacists. Tiki-torch-holders pretty clean-cut for members of the AB. This has false flag written all over it.

  • Charlesrocks

    Best article of the day. Thanks. Much about this story is rapidly unraveling.

  • Chris Gemeinhart

    I don’t understand, if it was staged than why was someone killed and others injured? Did Heather D Heyer ( the counterprotestor who was killed) not really die or did she not actually exist or what? How about the ppl who were injured in the event, did they not actually get injured or what? I’m open to the idea that it was staged but I just don’t understand.

    • KeithinKy

      The driver had reportedly been “medicated” from an early age and may have suffered from schizophrenia, among other things. I’ve heard he may have over reacted to people beating on his car with baseball bats and rocks,…My question is ; why were cars allowed to be so close to protesters?

      • fuzzi

        Accident was not near the protest site, they were walking back after the rally was cancelled. I watched a video by a citizen journalist who was there when the crash occurred. The people were walking down a street, no barricades at the junction with the one way street. Two cars stopped, third one is the gray charger, which rear-ended the second car, which also (I think) rear-ended the first car. People were beating on the gray car with bats, guy slams his car in reverse, and I think ran over someone behind the car. To me it looked like an accident, made deadly by idiots with bats who precipitated the reverse escape run which became deadly.

  • Jerry Weaver
  • Jerry Weaver

    Democrat calls for Trump supporters to be “removed from the population”

  • mo up in the northeast

    Ole Dammegard has some very good videos about false flags- actually showing the faked blood, the faked injuries- “victims” being put on buses and not into ambulances. Things are not as the media shows them – to put it mildly.

  • mo up in the northeast

    Excellent – I tweeted it to James Woods

  • gadsdengurl

    In this case NO, these were real Trump tards, of the Pepe the frog kind and the kid who drove the car was clearly a Hitler-loving white supremacist since grade school and all the leaders there are well known long-time supremacist socialists, including the idiot from NH.

    Yes the left pays to get protesters out, but they are genuinely Marxists.

    Cantwell said they were just getting started and he hoped more people would be killed. He said no one of value lost their life that day, pretty damned shocking if you ask me.

    It was Marxists vs Socialists and frankly, none of them represent us constitutionalists, glad to say. They need to stop calling themselves Unite the Right, because they are in no way the ‘right’.