Aug 122017

A federal prosecutor in Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s Florida district committed suicide by shooting himself in the head according to the official verdict by police – however they also confirm that no gun was found, raising the question of how he could have shot himself in the head.

No Gun Found, But Florida Police Claim DNC Investigator Shot Himself

From YourNewsWire:

Beranton Whisenant, 38, was found dead by a on a beach in Hollywood, Florida near Magnolia Terrace shortly before 6:30 a.m. on May 24. The police have been investigating to determine if Whisenant’s death was a “homicide, suicide, or something else.”

After months of investigation, detectives and a medical examiner have now announced that Whisenant committed suicide by shooting himself in the head, Hollywood police said.

But despite searching for two blocks north and south of the crime scene they couldn’t find the gun or any other weapon that would explain how Whisenant apparently killed himself.

Are we expected to believe the prosecutor, who was named as a potential witness in the DNC fraud lawsuit being conducted in Florida, managed to commit suicide by shooting himself in the head – and then managed to dispose of the weapon?

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  11 Responses to “No Gun Found, But Florida Police Claim DNC Investigator Shot Himself”

  1. Shades of Vince Foster!

  2. In theory, he could have been alone on the beach but the shot attracted the attention of a passerby that saw an opportunity to grab a free and effectively untraceable firearm.

    • You’re right, and that’s probably closer to the truth than my paranoid (?) belief that “they” are now deliberately rubbing our collective noses in the fact that they can kill us at will and not only will nothing be done, they don’t even have to make an effort to make it look like a suicide any more.

      I want you to be right and me to be totally, 100% wrong, since thinking we are now totally reduced to “human resources” that are allowed to live only so long as it suits the convenience of The Powers That Be is too awful to contemplate. :-(

    • Yes, and pigs will soon be flying past my window.

      • That actually is a fairly reasonable conclusion. Did they test his hand for gunshot residue? I don’t think Hillary and crew are innocent of anything, but this is entirely possible.

        • It is absolutely possible, something I guessed as well.

          It is also possible this was a set-up. There are a lot of possibilities some more likely then others. And we’ll most likely never know if this was truly a DNC targeted hit, or just a suicide and robbery after the fact.

  3. A flying monkey from the DNC scooped up the gun.

  4. Not to ruin a good narrative, but no source is given for the claim that “no gun has been found”.

    It may well be true…. but I’d like to see confirmation.

  5. Usually a suicide ruling doesn’t take two months to rule. Also, why was he reported drowned after finding water in his lungs? This is so shady. The ME’s office should be investigated.

  6. The Clinton body count keeps rising.

  7. No Gun Found, But Florida Police Claim DNC Investigator Shot Himself

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