Dec 162016

Obama Birth Certificate was Faked In Adobe Illustrator (PROOF)

Sheriff Joe Arpaio is right. Obama’s birth certificate has been “Fake News” all along.

The fake certificate was created in Adobe Illustrator by someone who forgot to flatten the document.

Check out this video:


Here is the original the press release: President Obama’s Long Form Birth Certificate

Download the official birth certificate PDF here.

Open the document in Adobe Illustrator.

In Adobe Illustrator, make sure in “Window” the “Layers” box is checked.

In the “Layers” box (bottom right by default) you can go through the countless separate layer pieces one by one. (You can do this because the document was created using Adobe Illustrator, and the person who created the final PDF left the Adobe Illustrator Layers and Editing capabilities box checked).

Un-check the eyeball on the left of each layer to hide individual pieces.

Zoom in and see how digital pieces were added on top of it with no anti-aliasing (that would have somewhat covered the trickery. It would have smoothed the edges out).

Notice that some pieces are scans of a real document. Others were added via a digital source. Either way, both are added to the document after scanning.

Scanned documents cannot have multiple layers. They are flat 1 layer documents.

There are programs that can vectorize text etc, but they do not create that many different layers, nor do they overlay pieces all over each other of different opacity and anti-aliasing attributes. Even if that was the case, they White House claims it was a “scanned” document and not edited.

This document is heavily edited, that is unquestionable. However one can only wonder why it was edited in such a poor and traceable manner. Was this task given to the most unskilled graphic designer on Obama’s payroll, or was this done with the intent of destroying Obama’s credibility?

Please pass this on, especially if you know a graphic designer. If they don’t believe you, tell them to examine it for themselves. Then watch their mouth drop!

More evidence:

When the PDF file given from is opened in Adobe Illustrator it shows up in different layers.


Something to ponder!


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