Nov 132016

Here is more proof that George Soros and the DNC are paying these useful idiots to cause anarchy in our cities across the nation.

Below are Craigslist Ads from Las Vagas, New York and Philadelphia offering money to Stop Trump!

Las Vegas Craigslist

Here is the original Las Vegas Craigslist ad.
The phone number in this ad 702-337-4186 links to “Community Outreach Group LLC” a “Non partisan Political Organization” funded by PLANNED PARENTHOOD!

New York Craigslist

Here is the original New York Craigslist ad.
Here is the archived New York Craigslist ad.
The link in this ad takes you to the “Fund for the Public Interest” website described as a 501(c)(4) non-profit organization that runs the public fundraising and canvassing operations for politically liberal nonprofit organizations in the United States. The phone number is (617) 292-8050.

Philadelphia Craigslist

Here is the original Philadelphia Craigslist ad.
Here is the archived Philadelphia Craigslist ad.
The phone number in this ad 267-606-5147 may be a burner phone with no name attached to it. If you call it you will hear “TY 4 Calling COG HQ, leave name and number” mail box is full.

Once again… doing the job the Mainstream media refuses to do!

Found Seattle Craigslist Ad Paying $15 An Hour For PAID PROTESTERS

  2 Responses to “Craigslist Protest Ads From Around The Country Offering To Pay People”

  1. […] lefty organizations place ads on Craigslist recruiting activists to agitate in large cities. A typical ads says, “STOP TRUMP — up […]

  2. The first number, 702-337-4186, is to a private residence, not a non-profit.
    The second number, (617) 292-8050, does not pick up.
    The third number, 267-606-5147, is a disconnected cell phone number.
    And why would a non-profit use a burner phone?
    You have to work harder to make your lies believable. Nice try, @$$holes.

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