Nov 112016

This is how Ronald Reagan handled violent protesters when he was Governor of California.

Ronald Reagan was a man of strength and a leader who never suffered fools. The politically correct career politicians of today could learn a few important lessons that are still relevant today from the conservative stalwart.

When Ronald Reagan was faced with a large group of protesters who felt exercising their First Amendment rights also included the ability to break the law in the process, he firmly and succinctly resolved the matter, as this video shows…

“They were going to physically destroy the university,” the former president said while shaking his finger at the reporters.

The old Reagan news footage from the press conference was highlighted in the now viral “This is how Ronald Reagan Handled Protesters” video.

When bombarded by reporter’s questions and while cramped together in a small space with the members of the media, Ronald Reagan took them all on, armed with only common sense and respect for the rule of law.


h/t KD

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