Sep 302016

Without any particular explanation, an eerie emergency broadcast warning went out hours before the crash that read:

“Civil Authorities have issued a Hazardous Materials Warning for The United States. Effective until September 29, 2016 02:16 AM EDT. Would you. Could you. On a Train? Wait for further instructions.”

Truly creepy!

An EMS alert went out last night hours before the train crash, it was broadcast by WKTV-NY by “accident” yesterday, the alert was for “hazardous materials” and had the tags attached “Would you? Could you? On a Train”

WKTV released a statement saying this was NOT an authorized FEMA alert and seems to be caused by a hack. They are cooperating with FEMA to track down the source of the hack.


1 Dead, More Than 100 Hurt In Hoboken Train Crash
The NJ Train Wreck… Are We Being Mislead Like Benghazi?

Hillary Clinton Lying For 13 Minutes Straight

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Sep 302016

Only 13 minutes? Must be the abridged version.

“Hillary Clinton lying for 13 minutes straight” was posted in January but the video was injected with new life after an op-ed in The Washington Post by Kathleen Parker was shared on social media.

“Hillary Clinton’s vast résumé of, shall we say, inconsistencies, is the dog that caught the car and won’t let go. A viral video collection of her comments on various subjects through the years is bestirring Republican hearts,” Ms. Parker wrote. “To those who’d rather vote for a reality show host than a Clinton, the video merely confirms what they’ve believed all along. For independents and even Democrats, it’s a reminder of how often Clinton has morphed into a fresh incarnation as required by the political moment.”

The video, posted by a YouTube account for Michael Armstrong, covers Mrs. Clinton’s various stances on same-sex marriage, the North American Free Trade Agreement, her infamous “secret server” as secretary of state, health care reform and the time she allegedly risked “sniper fire” in Bosnia.

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Hillary Clinton Laughing For 10 Hours


Hillary Clinton Demands The US Build A Wall At The Mexican Border

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Sep 302016

Isn’t the Internet wonderful? Here is a video of Hillary Clinton saying the United States needs to secure their border and put a wall up to keep all the people from Mexico from coming over and deport those that are already here.

Thursday marks the ten-year anniversary of the day Hillary Clinton voted in favor of building a 700-mile fence along the Mexican border, intended to stop illegal immigration.

The Secure Fence Act of 2006’s stated purpose was to check the flow of illegal immigrants, drugs, and other illegal goods into the U.S. by erecting a double-layer fence along large swaths of the border. The law also generally increased funding for border security, authorizing funds for the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to purchase cameras, drones, and other assets.

At the time, Hillary Clinton said the law was the only possible fix to a seemingly endless torrent of illegal immigrants entering the U.S.

“There isn’t any sensible approach except to do what we need to do simultaneously: you know, secure our borders with technology and personnel, physical barriers if necessary in some places,” she told the Council on Foreign Relations.

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Why I’m Owed the Presidency: A Letter by Hillary Clinton

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Sep 302016


This takes courage for me to go public and correct the bad reviews I have been receiving from some of you stupid people for many years that are very envious of Bill and my success in the world. Our faithful supporters, believers, donors, welfare receivers, and low life people that wants to use our connections to gain access to power to benefit your personal wealth and or egos.

No it is not true that we stole furniture, china, artwork from the White House, we simply had intended to borrow it and return it as we had no place to go to at the moment as we were dead broke upon exiting the White House. We almost got away with it, but some low paying employee got “PO” and reported it to the world, so we returned all of it.

No Bill did not get impeached by the House of Representatives and he did not lose his law license for lying to the Grand Jury. Where does the lying media find this total BS????

Quite frankly I do not recall almost being indicted for Lying and Obstruction of Justice by the Feds. I never, never said I DO NOT RECALL, DO NOT REMEMBER WHILE UNDER OATH APPROXIMATELY 60 TIMES UNDER OATH. Damn Attorneys in Justice Department just wanted build their resumes’ abusing our integrity and ethics.

In this week’s debate I was smarter than Donald Trump, I came prepared to win regardless of the lies I had to tell, I wore an illegal ear piece in my ear and my hair covered it up. The internet media broke the story and as usual we will LIE AND DENY THE TRUTH because we are the Clinton’s and we make our own rules and laws. Trump scared hell out of me when he touched my back and failed to feel all the wires and box taped to me. Thank God for the joint I smoked to calmed me down.

Dear People, rest assured that me, Hillary Clinton is owed the job as President of this Country. I promise you that I will help you scum Middle Class People and continue to support you useless, lazy, stupid people drawing free government money for sitting on your butts, just keep believing my lies and vote for me. After I rape all of you for $1 Billion Dollars I will them take care of you big time, should the country not be bankrupt at the time.

I thank the FBI Director for his believing in me and the rich donors that want to buy access to Bill and I through our Charitable, Crooked, Corrupt Clinton Foundation. A special thanks to our Narrator at the debate and not wishing to cause him more problems by mentioning his name, your will be appointed as “Pope” to the Vatican representing our America for your honesty, concern and ethics in helping me win.

America, I now know you will have a better understanding of me and will not believe anything that still may be said about my Lies, Ethics, Family, and Corruption. Remember I am a helluva lot richer than you and I make the laws, standards that we the Clinton Family live by. I own the Media, FBI, and you will not do anything about it or you could accidentally be involved in your Sucicide or Death.


Love and Kisses, Hillary


Dancing El Paso County Sheriff’s Deputies

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Sep 302016

El Paso County Sheriff’s Deputies are bustin’ a move in Colorado Springs.


Deputy Tony Scherb of the El Paso Country Sheriff’s Office has recently gone viral on the Internet with his most recent actions.

Deputy Scherb retired after 29 years on the job. Widely regarded by many of his peers as an incredible professional, he decided to break character in the most outrageous way. While standing alone in the department’s elevator, a hidden camera records Deputy Scherb dancing to Silento’s “Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae).”

It’s easy to see why so many people have fallen in love with this man’s moves!

Just when you think the video can’t get any better, Deputy Reed enters the elevator. At first, she’s taken aback by Deputy Scherb’s dancing – who wouldn’t? – but then she catches the bug and starts dancing, too! It’s a dance party in the elevator between two deputies.

How awesome is that?



Random Riddle: 9-30-2016

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Sep 302016
If it’s information you seek, come and see me.
If it’s pairs of letters you need, I have consecutively three.

Who am I?



Sep 292016

At least one person is dead and more than 100 people were injured after a train crashed into the Hoboken terminal in New Jersey on Thursday morning.

Was it caused by operator error or was it an act of terrorism?

The Democrats and Mainstream Media will try to keep all references to terrorism quiet this close to an election.

Remember last week when an IED exploded in a New Jersey train station?

A woman died and more than 100 other people were hurt when an NJ Transit train crashed into the station in Hoboken at the height of Thursday’s morning rush, leaving twisted piles of metal and cables and causing part of the highly trafficked terminal to collapse.

Sources familiar with the investigation told NBC 4 New York the woman who died was in her 30s and had been standing on the platform when train No. 1614 on the Pascack Valley Line barreled into the terminal at 8:45 a.m.

Preliminary reports suggest the crash was either accidental or caused by operator error, according to five law enforcement officials. They stressed it was early in the investigation, though.

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Sep 292016

Very interesting! Watch as the ‘Debate Cleaner’ takes a folder from Hillary’s podium and gives it to Lester Holt, with a nod.

What was in the folder? What could this be?

This camera view catches everything.

Here’s another angle: