Acupressure Points On The Hands

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Oct 312015

Acue Pressure Points On The Hands

Western “Acupressure” is coming from the Japanese techniques of Jin Shin Do. In china a similar form of acupressure is developed from a combination of martial art techniques. It involves applying pressure to acu-pressure points through pointing, poking, pinching, knocking, patting and pounding by hand.

In China pointing therapy is often used in healing of joints, muscles and back, but in Western world, it’s often used for relaxation and relief of stress. Thousands of research papers have confirmed the extensive benefits of these techniques.

Hands are one of the most important organs in pointing therapy. There are many important acu-pressure points in the hand; And these points are extensively connected to different organs of the body. As you can see in this figure, these points are easy to find by yourself and you can perform these trigger-point therapy on your hands.



Oct 312015
Rubber Chicken It was Halloween night… A man was walking home from work when he heard thump noises behind him.

He turned around and saw a coffin following him.

He was scared and started to run, the coffin kept right up with him.

He got to his house ran through the front door, locked it and ran upstairs.

The coffin busted through the front door and followed the man upstairs.

The man ran for his life and then locked himself in the bathroom.

The coffin burst into the bathroom.

The man totally freaked out reached into the medicine cabinet and grabbed what he could find.

What he grabbed was cough drops. He threw the cough drops at the coffin and the coffin stopped.



How Investment Accounts Are Taxed

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Oct 302015

This handy chart tells you how basic investment accounts are taxed.

How  Investment Accounts Are Taxed

Investing isn’t nearly as intimidating as it seems. But all of the tax rules for different investing accounts can be overwhelming. The folks at Bankrate break down the basics in one simple chart.

Some investment accounts are taxable, and others, like an IRA, are tax-advantaged. You’ll pay your taxes either way, but tax-advantaged simply means you can either deduct your contributions from your taxes now or withdraw your money tax-free later.

But it doesn’t mean you won’t have to pay taxes at all. We’ve told you the details about how taxes work with investments before. But if you’re looking for a quick reference guide, Bankrate’s chart tells you what the rules are and how you’ll be taxed.



Random Riddle: 10-30-2015

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Oct 302015
Lucy had it first; Ethel had it last. Mary Lungel had it twice until she married Peter Stupid and never had it again.

What is it?



Joke Of The Day: Dinner

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Oct 302015
Rubber Chicken Grandma was outside pulling weeds on a hot summer day when her grandpa walked up and asked her what they were having for dinner.

Irritated by the thought of him sitting in the air conditioned house while she labored away on the weeds, she snapped, “I can’t believe you’re asking me about supper right now! Pretend I’m out of town, go inside and make dinner yourself!”

So grandpa went back in the house and fixed himself a nice big juicy steak, potatoes, garlic bread, and a tall beer.

Grandma walked in just about the time he was finishing up and asked, “Where’s my dinner?”

“Huh? I thought you were out of town.”