Aug 212014

How To Really Destroy Russia's Economy

If Obama really wanted to destroy Russia’s economy and strike the fear of God in Putin in the process this is what he would do.

All this talk about economic sanctions against Russia to punish President Putin for his ‘invasion’ of the Ukraine, got me to thinking. While I was cogitating on the matter a friend sent me some suggestions and now it is clear to me what we should do to bring an end to the rise of power by Russia and Putin’s move to do whatever it is he is doing there. Much has been said about what President Obama should do to hurt the Russian economy. The plan for Russia is simple:

1.) Ban their use of coal.

Russia is coal rich and coal dependent. Ban their use of coal and they will have to use more expensive means of producing energy.

2.) Mandate that Russia goes on Obamacare.

Their antiquated medical system dates back to the cold war when they reportedly had free universal health care, but with the collapse of the Soviet Union, that guarantee has fallen short. To mandate that they go back to it and do it the way Obama care is set up will guarantee huge burdens to their economy.

3.) Don’t allow any drilling on Russian public land.

Russia has vast oil reserves but they have not been developed. They are oil dependent on surrounding nations for much of their oil. To not allow them to drill will hurt them bad.

4.) Have the EPA pass rulings on Russian business.

I know, the EPA is an American institution, but look – they have passed environmental measures without the consent of congress, just by the bureaucratic stroke of the pen. They could just as well assume the authority, which they are good at, and stop Russian business as well.

5.) Re-define the full time Russian work week to 30 hours.

With Europe having a reduced work week and now America defining full time employment at the 30 hour threshold, this should put a lot of people out of work and cause havoc in Russia also.

6.) Raise the Russian minimum wage.

It is working all over the world. The minimum wage earner is finally getting enough to stay up with the standard of living they had before the raise in the minimum wage, at least those who still have a job left. This will work wonders to inflate the Russian economy and cause unemployment. Yes, this will teach them!

7.) Mandate overtime pay for government employees.

I mean, why not. This will increase the tax rate of the rest of the nation and bring a widespread shift of private economy resources into the public sector, bringing the private sector economy to a halt. Brilliant idea, if I do say so myself.

8.) Demand the Russian Government pay free Welfare benefits to unqualified Citizens and Illegal immigrants.

Raising the flow of cash and services to those who contribute little or nothing to the economy is a grand way to punish Mr. Putin. Next thing you know they will have more than 51% of their people receiving government handouts and there is no way the working class can support the outflow. This is brilliant. This will really punish them. I could go on, but I guarantee these measures would bring the Russian economy to its knees in no time. Their economy is already weak and in no time they would see the error of their ways as their national debt soared. It is certain to work without any military intervention at all. After all, it has been working in the U. S. since 2009!


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