Dec 282013

This may be the only chainsaw you’ll ever need!

Oh, you have a two-stroke chainsaw huh? Think it’s cool, do ya? Well, we see your little two-stroke and raise you a 4.1-liter V8 chainsaw.

This V8 chainsaw comes to us, of course, from Australia. It’s a nation where absolutely everything can kill you. Granted, any chainsaw has the power to kill, but this one can do it… more so.

The chainsaw is powered by a 4.1 liter Holden V8, making this a more dangerous hoon-mobile than a Maloo with 600 horsepower.

Saw carefully now, mate!


American V8 Chainsaw
Chevy V8 Snowblower


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  • Clyde

    I don’t see the big deal one of the first saws was a recipricol saw 4 cycle 6 ft saw ,total weight about 250 lbs next came the 6 ft diameter circular saw steam powered and then the 30 ft band saw diesel powered about 300 horse logs handled by a steam driven carriage later hydraulic and now automated. at least with a 20 chain saw you can cut down sizable fir trees I don’t think that thing would run on its side. The first saw was called a drag saw ie had no wheels horse dragging into the site

    • john


  • Val

    They’ve been using saws like this at our Buckley Loggers show for a competition for years. Having the wheels on it is a good idea. Ours take 4 guys busting their backs to carry it in and then two guys to actually use the saw once it’s by the log. It’s an awesome, loud part of the competition :)

  • Leonard G. Allmon

    My name is Timberjack — why don’t you kids go out and play . . .

  • John

    Wheels??? In our community of Old Beaver, some 10 years ago, two men used a saw with only handlebars at the engine and a stinger handle on the end of the bar. The log was 30 feet off of US Highway 101 and the sawdust plume reached across both travel lanes. We turned around to watch. Preparing for the next cut involved refilling the 1-quart fuel tank with nitromethane, re-oiling the 5-foot log-deck cutoff bar and chain on each side with splashes from a bucket, The small-block Chevvy engine was unmuffled, uncooled, jumper cable started. The engine was transverse mounted, hence direct-drive via 4 parallel belts on 4-groove pulleys, larger diameter on engine, smaller size on chain sprocket, almost 2:1 rpm ratio. Total weight over 350 pounds. Time of cut in 34-inch fir log, 2.1 seconds. Number of cuts per chain, 8 only. OK, it was a 2-man saw.

  • Andrew

    That is the baddest chainsaw I have ever seen and the engine of it sounds awesome, but I bet that if you wanted to take that out into the forest to try to cut down a tree, looks like that would really be quite a difficult task, having to turn that huge thing on it;s side so you could get at the tree, think the pipes an every thing would get in the way, plus lifting that I think would almost be totally impossible…but other than that, cutting logs like that in a video, was the fastest I have ever seen, but dont think they would allow you to enter that into any log cutting contests like what I have seen on tv, you would have a totally unfair advantage….LOL

  • Andy

    Be a bummer not having a tranny in case the tree comes down the wrong way..

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  • Do you pack the saw to the log or
    pack the log to the saw>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  • Grumps

    Why don’t we just take it for what it is, a nice bit of gear and a good use for a 253.

    • Micko

      Yeah, although the 253 did well in a Torana.

  • Nipon Ginko

    I think that saw is not very practical but that being said it’s pretty impressive , some of the folks writing in here obviously have zero mechanical abilities – the statement about Turning the Motor Over to try and cut down a standing tree is inept at best as the obvious answer IF you wanted to use this monster to fall a tree is to turn the bar assy that is mounted to the motor so it is running 90* to what it is at present, leaving the motor it’s self standing up right !

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  • Ian Robson

    The 253 cubic inch Holden motor was regarded as a 4.2 litre, not 4.1 as in the article.

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