Sarah Palin: Obama’s “ShamWow” Style Infomercial for Obamacare

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Oct 312013

Obama Pathological Liar

Sarah pulls no punches in this epic Facebbook post.

President Obama flew in to Boston today to deliver another “ShamWow”-style infomercial for Obamacare, and it went about as well as his entourage’s snarled traffic debacle in Beantown.

As millions of Americans are being kicked off their desired insurance plans and seeing their premiums skyrocket, the President had a lot of ‘splaining to do today. For starters we anticipated a Presidential apology for lying to Americans repeatedly when he promised things like, “If you like your current health care plan, you can keep it.” Make no mistake, he knew he was lying when he said that. And make no further mistake, after five years of false Obama claims, no one should actually expect contrition on this administration’s part.

Bloomberg reports that in June of 2010, the administration knew millions would be kicked off existing healthcare plans due to Obamacare; but President Obama continued to knowingly deceive the American people with repeated claims that if we liked our current plan we could keep it.

So, finally busted, did the President apologize? Was remorse and sympathy shown for Americans who now can’t afford health insurance thanks to Obamacare? Nope. He instead informed us that Americans who receive cancellation notices have been on “substandard” plans supplied by “bad apple” insurers. That’s right. Obama didn’t lie to you when he said, “if you like your plan, you can keep it.” Why? Because, you sillies, you DIDN’T REALLY like the plan you chose for yourselves! No arguing. Barack Obama knows best and he’ll tell you whether you actually liked your insurance plan or not. If you’re an elderly bachelor, your old plan was clearly “substandard” because it didn’t offer maternity care. What’s that you say? You don’t need maternity care? Well, according to the President today, he says you do, and any insurance plan that doesn’t offer it is a “junk” plan provided by a “bad apple” insurer.

But don’t worry, the President also promised that only “rich” people making $250,000 or more will see their premium costs rise. This lie is so appalling and so easily debunked that the brazenness with which he made it is simply breathtaking. But who will hold him accountable for it? Media, you know I love you… so let me help you save your hide with the American public by suggesting you fact-check that.

Despite the Obamacare rollout disaster and the broken government website (which HHS Secretary Sebelius admitted is a “debacle” in her testimony before Congress today), the President gleefully highlighted the few people signing up for Obamacare as indicative of his socialized medicine’s “success.” He neglected to mention that the government is forcing Americans to sign up for his program or pay fines that will increase each year we fail to do so.

For sheer chutzpah, the President closed his speech by praising America’s “rugged individualism.” Because nothing says “rugged individualism” like heavy-handed big government forcing individuals to buy a product they don’t want and arrogantly telling them they didn’t really like the product they wisely chose for themselves and could afford.

Thanks for the infomercial, Mr. President. I don’t know anyone who wants your “ShamWow” product, but the IRS will make sure we call that toll free number or go online to order it right now…. well, just as soon as your impossibly broken $600 million website is fixed and your phones lines aren’t busy.

Happy with this, America? Make your voices heard. 2014 is just around the corner.

– Sarah Palin

P.S. Take a look at this article by Fox’s Eric Bolling:

As Eric asks, “If they can’t get a basic website up and running in three years… How on God’s green Earth are they going to administer health care to 300 million Americans? So, with billions upon billions of health related communications clearing through the government medicine portal annually, our very health will be hanging in the balance…Therefore, you must conclude: The Obama administration has our lives in their hands…Ask yourself… Do you trust President Obama, Valerie Jarrett, Kathleen Sebelius and Jay Carney with your life? I certainly do not!”


How To Of The Day: How To Make A Coffin

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Oct 312013

How to Make a Coffin

Looking for the perfect way to “spruce” up your Halloween decor? Are you “pining” for a centerpiece for your next Halloween party? Try building this toe-pincher coffin. It’s authentic enough to have trick-or-treaters and party guests just dying to visit your holiday festivities. Best of all, since it’s made of plywood, it’s durable enough to reuse at your next scary fete, but it’s lightweight and cheap to build.

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Japanese Dinosaur Office Prank

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Oct 312013
Japanese Dinosaur Office Prank


Japanese TV gameshows are notoriously barmy, but this could just be the best prank to date.

A hapless office worker gets the shock of his life when he is suddenly confronted by a Jurassic Park-style dinosaur.



Obama Is Always The Victim, Never A Leader

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Oct 302013

Nolan Finley of the Detroit News rips into the spoiled short-tempered boy king in this great op-ed.

Obama CryingPoor Barack Obama. He’s been wronged again. This time, the Obamacare health insurance program is hung up on major computer malfunctions, adding fuel to the blazing criticism that this first giant step toward universal care is a flop.

“Nobody’s madder than me,” Obama declared while trying to explain why three weeks into the enrollment period, most consumers still can’t enroll. “I think it is fair to say that no one is more frustrated by that than I am.”

Wait a minute — the president’s mad? And he’s frustrated? At whom? Himself?

Obamacare is his signature and singular accomplishment, the thing that will define his legacy. His own administration was charged with designing the website and making sure it worked. And it doesn’t, despite spending $640 million on the technology.

Now, in typical government fashion, new contracts costing millions more are being awarded to fix it. So we’ve got delays, cost overruns and operational failures, and Obamacare is just getting started. And we’re supposed to believe the government can run this massively complex entitlement?

…This has become a trademark of this administration: It can’t execute. The president has shown no interest in the hard work of governing. Jawboning and campaigning, he loves. Making sure the trains run on time, he doesn’t.

Despite his posturing at accountability, Obama never takes responsibility for his own failures. It’s always someone else’s fault. There’s always an external reason he can’t get things done. Obama is always the victim.

Responsibility used to be a buck that stopped on the president’s desk. Now it’s a hot potato that never lands in this president’s hands.

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Adam Carolla: Why Hollywood Is Liberal

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Oct 302013

Adam Carolla and Dennis Prager discuss the hypocrisy of Hollywood celebrities and why most of them are Liberal.

Comedian Adam Carolla exposes Hollywood’s hypocrisy, mainly in the area of taxes and money. When it comes to paying your “fair” share, apparently we should do as they say, not as they do.


Free Falling In Outer Space

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Oct 302013

Free Falling In Outer Space

Have you ever wanted to float in space like an astronaut? It turns out that it’s less like floating, and more like a free-fall in orbit around the Earth.


If you were to orbit the Earth, you’d experience the feeling of free fall, not unlike what your stomach feels before a big dive on a roller coaster. With a little help from Sir Isaac Newton, Matt J. Carlson explains the basic forces acting on an astronaut and why you probably shouldn’t try this one at home.


Random Riddle: 10-30-2013

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Oct 302013
Changing one letter in each of the following words will make new words that are all related to each other. What are the new words?





Joke Of The Day: The Lie Detector Robot

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Oct 302013
Rubber Chicken A father buys a lie detector robot; it slaps people when they lie.

He decides to test it out on his son at supper.

“Where were you last night?”

“I was at the library.”

robot slaps son

“OK, OK,” the boy says, rubbing his arm. “I was at Jerry’s house.”

“Doing what?” asks the mother.

“Watching a movie. Toy Story.”

robot slaps son

“OK, it was porn!” cried the son.

Father yells: “What? When I was your age I didn’t even know what porn was!”

robot slaps the father

The mother laughs and says, “He certainly is your son!”

robot slaps the mother