Aug 232013

Evolution Of Democratic Outrage

  • J Johnsen

    After 29 years as a Paralegal,l I find the action of our present leaders an absolute disgrace and for the ones who believe they came from a baboon, now we can understand why they are picking their fleas and scratching their asses.

    For me I would rather cling to be the most intelligent life form on earth, that there are absolute truths, freedom reigns, and leaders just like anybody else can be removed. Power belongs to the people to control government and when push comes to shove if they think we are sleeping just be mindful that corba’s study their subjects before striking. Unfortunately it is a mission for our leaders to try and desensitize Americans but for most I talk to remember “The Revolution.” Should we desensitize government with this one?

    I am ahead of the game..the outrageous 80% payrolls leaving 20% for operating expenses across the board is crushing the economic ceilings of both private and government resources..I could go on but their children and grandchildren will be the ones who suffer in the long run….