Jun 202013

Obama's $100 Millon African Vacation


  • Quoting Mark Alexander: For all the class warfare rhetoric spewed by Barack Hussein Obama and his NeoCom [Neo-Communist] cadres, he and his co-conspirator, Michelle LaVaughn [Obama], live like royalty.

    Their let-’em-eat-cake lifestyle is even more contemptible, however, when one considers that it comes at the expense of those whom they purport to represent.

    For all the references to “fat cats,” it turns out the fattest cats of all now occupy the White House, and much like their record accumulation of national debt, their unmitigated arrogance and bloated hypocrisy exceeds all that of previous executive administrations combined.

    Perhaps there are no better cases in point than the Obamas’ exotic resort vacations and golf junkets whilst the rest of the nation exercises austerity measures necessitated by the regime’s failed economic policies.

    Source; Living Rich and Famous, Obama Style
    If Not for Double Standards… The $100 MILLION Family Vacation
    By Mark Alexander