Jun 072013

If the IRS can target Conservatives, can the The Obama Administration also target conservative websites? With all the abuse of power that we are seeing now, it makes you wonder. I bet they are.

Some of you may remember last August when I moved this site from Blogger to where we are now. If not, here is a refresher:

I have decided to move away from Blogger to a new domain located at http://www.commonsenseevaluation.com.

The move is the result of several factors including Google recently deciding to prevent any post on this blog from showing up in domestic search results other than image searches. Google AdSense has also banned advertising on this site. I wonder if the thinned skinned Obama regime has anything to do with any of this! Do you remember when we had Freedom of Speech in this country? Just remember to protest at the voting booth on November 6th so we can vote these Ass clowns out of office so our God given freedoms aren’t totally repressed.

The initial move to this new domain back in August of 2013 fixed the Google search problem. The number of daily page loads was 10 times more than the old site. Well that lasted for about two months. Today we are back to being filtered out of domestic Google search results other than image searches. Is the Government restricting my first amendment rights or am I paranoid?


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