Feb 032013

The White House Releases Picture of Obama ‘Skeet Shooting’

Obama… the ultimate poser.


Now, what’s wrong with the president’s picture? First the weapon is nearly level to the ground. Can’t be skeet shooting, nor likely trap either. Second, it is evident that the President has never shot a shotgun before as his stance is leaning slightly backward. Look at the position of his torso to his legs. Skeet or trap shooters never do this. They lean slightly forward like a boxer in the ring. Third, he doesn’t know or was never taught that the butt of the weapon must fit to his shoulder. He’s holding the weapon with a gap between his shoulder and the top of the butt. Sure you can fire it that way, but expect lots of pain if not bruising later. Fourth, either skeet or trap shooters wear either a shell bag or a vest or both. Apparently, the president is too tough for that. Fifth, most shooters wear baseball style caps. The bill helps block unwanted sun in your eyes. Most golfers do too for the same reason. Sixth, he appears to be aiming as one would with a rifle. Doesn’t mean you don’t do that with a shotgun but as you are trying to hit a moving target, as opposed to a stationary one, your body must swivel with the target right or left and up or down. The worst shotgun shooters are those that try to aim the weapon like a rifle. Seventh, I suppose it could happen, but in my fifty years of shooting a shotgun, skeet, trap, and hunting, including double barrel muzzle loading black powder shotguns, I have never once seen a smoke pattern like that. Smoke going straight out the barrel is normal, but what the heck is that second smoke stream shooting behind and away from the barrel? Perhaps some sort of release value to diminish the recoil from the shot but I’ve never seen that on a range.

All in all, this was staged like everything else in President Obama’s life. That he says that he’s all for sport shooting or hunting is all well and good; but, the Second Amendment says nothing about sport shooting or hunting. It is about a right of possession and not about a right to perform an activity.

God help us in the next four years.

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  • This is still the most vile Obama “photo-op” ever

    Note: In light of the “skeet-shooting Obama” image the White House created/released, I renamed this post. It was written before the election and previously posted under the title “My open letter to Americans who are still thinking of voting for Obama in November”. After reading it, I think you’ll understand my decision to rename it. Please share if you agree. [http://t.co/p1PbeGbP] Thank you.

  • Here is a good link to “Seven Reasons Why it’s a Photoshop” by Michael Harlin

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