Jan 132013

WARNING TO LIBERALS: The following sentence may be considered racist to some without a sense of humor.

Obama on Mount Rushmore… as soon as they find some black granite!

Yep, put him up there. Why not? He is such an upstanding pillar of American values and standards. And he has done so much in his life. What an accomplished person he is.

But, being serious for a minute, he does represent where American values are today. He is a monument to mediocracy and nothingness. I say, lets rename America to Obamanation. To hell with it. Let’s do it.

BTW, that ain’t no cigarette he’s smoking.


  One Response to “Media Ponder Putting Obama on Mount Rushmore”

  1. My response to the Left’s desire to put Obama on Mount Rushmore: Is there a “doobie” that big?!?

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