Jan 082013

Hats off to Charlie Daniels a truly fearless American Patriot!

Charlie Daniels American FlagThere is an old phrase that goes, “United we stand, divided we fall.”

Just as in the making of a rope or a cable, the braiding of many pieces of material make something that is exponentially stronger than the individual parts could ever be, the uniting of a people, the coming together of many, makes a nation or society that is powerful, productive and equipped to turn back the strongest adversary or most aggressive foe by virtue of the strength of their unity.

Even the Latin term “E Pluribus Unum” printed on our money – “Out of many, one” – denotes the mission, strength and philosophy of a nation that is forged from different backgrounds, different cultures, different religions and different languages with one thing in common, the overriding and burning desire to be free, to live in a land of opportunity, where you can pursue the desires of your heart and enjoy the fruits of your labor without undue interference from a king or repressive government.

The last decades have taken a toll on our unity.

The immigrants who brought their families to these shores to become a part of this new nation, this upstart country that values the rights of the common man as much as that of the high and mighty, literally couldn’t wait to assimilate into the society, to become part of the workforce, to have their children learn the accepted national language, to join the one man one vote political system and put their own roots deep into the fertile ground of the land of the free and the home of the brave.

They waited impatiently, sometimes for many years for their turn to come to America.

They studied and worked, obeying the laws during the eight years it took them to become citizens and the day they were naturalized was the proudest day of their lives.

They built it, they fought for it, they served in the political process and through hard work and perseverance created the most progressive, and the most prosperous and strongest nation the world has ever known.

And they took pride in calling themselves and their succeeding generations, “Americans.”

These days, people come to America simply by walking across an international border and power hungry politicians subvert a two-hundred-year-old time honored immigration process in an effort to trade citizenship for party loyalty.

There is little attempt at assimilation or even to become proficient in the language and many of them come to America, not to add to the prosperity or greatness of the nation, but to be added to the already unbearable entitlement burden the hard working tax payers are forced to bear.

Others come in hopes of destroying or changing our culture, living in the freedom and prosperity of this land, huddling in their enclaves, rejoicing every time America suffers a setback in foreign policy or a terrorist attack.

Still others are just along for the ride, gaming the system, living off the liberalities of our growing socialism in a nation that once prided itself on the work ethic of its people but now experiences months when there are more requests for disability compensation than job applications.

We have a president who carelessly throws around statements that foster racial and class envy and has belittled accomplishment reducing it to something the government helped to achieve and therefore deserves a “fair share” of.

We have a gelded Congress whose greatest fear is having to go back to the private sector and working for a living like the rest of us.

Our beloved United States of America is being torn apart, this nation whose independence and freedom was purchased with the blood of patriots, nurtured by the sweat of immigrants and maintained by the determination of many races who came together and pledged their allegiance to the ideals and commitment of the people, by the people and for the people.

The American electorate has chosen to put the fate of this nation into the hands of a divisive socialist movement whose idea of the American dream bears no resemblance to the one that crossed oceans in the breasts of brave determined men a couple of centuries ago.

In the coming years we will begin to pay for our folly as our national debt slips beyond our reach, our military is weakened to a dangerous level, more industry moves off shore and the American dollar shrinks and loses it’s place as the accepted international trade currency.

The stage has been set, the sheep have been scattered and one nation under God is being divided and conquered.

Is there still a “We the People” abroad in this land who still have the will, the courage and the love of country to stand in the gap? Is there a leader out there somewhere who can reunite this nation and reignite the flame and bring America back to her senses?

A divided America is waiting.

What do you think?

Pray for our troops and the peace of Jerusalem.

God bless America

Charlie Daniels


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