Nov 272012

They say that Rome wasn’t built in a day and I’ll bet this impressive masterpiece wasn’t either.

LEGO Roman Colosseum

I’m stunned by the scale, accuracy and mind blowing detail of this massive 200,000-piece Lego Roman Colosseum, made to minifig scale. Built for the University of Sydney, it shows both the Colosseum from two thousand years ago and its current state.

Made by certified Lego builder Ryan McNaught, it is, without a single doubt, the most impressive Lego architecture I’ve ever seen. It’s also ”the most technically challenging thing” ever built by McNaught, he says, which probably makes it one of the most challenging Lego models ever created:

I’ve really got a new appreciation for the Romans and how they made things. For me, the challenge of making something oval-shaped out of square bricks was mind-boggling.



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