Oct 102012

A true American patriotic beer for the masses.

Nobama Beer Label

A local brewer’s politically charged beer is making Oklahomans tipsy.

‘Nobama Brew,’ made by Huebert Brewing Company, has become the beer of choice for many Oklahomans who aren’t fans of the president.

Brewery owner Rick Huebert is not shy about his political leanings.

“I’ve never been a fan of Obama,” Huebert said.

Huebert has been brewing as much Nobama beer as he can to meet demand.

He said he’s sold thousands of bottles just in the past few weeks.

“The phones have been constantly ringing, my email keeps locking up and we’re out of beer. I’ve got to make more beer,” Huebert said.

Tracy Wise, co-owner of The Bootlegger liquor store in Moore, said it’s the political message that has Oklahomans reaching for Nobama.

“As soon as people knew we had it, we started selling them. The sales have picked up quite a bit,” Wise said.

But Huebert thinks the flavor of the malt-infused wheat beer also keeps Oklahomans coming back for more.

“After they sit down and drink it, [customers say] ‘I’ve got to share this with my buddy,’” Huebert said.

Huebert said the idea for an anti-Obama beer originally came from a group out of Tulsa, who brought the idea to him months ago.



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